WZBC plays an annual all day pow wow of American Indian Music. It's pretty rad.


Thanksgiving is the day I put on a clean white shirt and cashmere sweater to cook greasy shit all day.

One of the best lines to come out of the PA evidence airing was the fellow who said,

we need to fix THIS election. Not the next one, THIS one.

This Xmas I'm getting everyone a piss bottle for their car.

I've seen more people pissing into bottles in their cars, so I'm declaring that it is perfectly fine etiquette - and gifting accordingly!!

Merry Xmas!!

Thanksgiving in the city means there's about 100X more panhandlers on every fucking corner.



Can Nick the rat fact check this video of Nadler shitting his pants?!

Snopes could not determine it's factuality!!


Amazon's BLACK FRIDAY DEALS should be similar to their Prime Day deals, just a bunch of crap that was returned and refurbished.

The Wednesday night before thanksgiving used to be the night that reunions were held. Friends from school or wherever visiting their folks would meet up in town.

Not this year. The city was EMPTY. If anyone came home at all, they didn't go out to meet anyone.

We're in New England and we have cod for Thanksgiving because it takes like 10 minutes to cook.

Time is munny hunny.

The way to deal with all the voter fraud is the way they dealt with all the other BS we've been seeing for the last 6 months.

When the "riot kitchen" van got stopped in Kenosha, WI - filling gas cans in excess of the needs of their generator - all of a sudden there were no more cop cars being set on fire.

Tearing down statues ceased to be a trend once Trump made it a mandatory 10 year sentence.

Charge a few of these poll workers with real crimes and the whole thing will unravel before us.

The average NFL career lasts about three years; nearly 80 percent of players are bankrupt within three years of retirement.

Original tweet : twitter.com/tilbots/status/133

Crowd gasps after learning a spike of votes in PA had 600k votes for Biden and only 3,200 for Trump:

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