Managed to get dimench staddler missus gwff the to listen to aboot 2hrs + of the show on a car journey.

Fairly certain that there was a glimmer of a wide on developing when "the is nothing like a dame" was requested and i explained i was in it.

The girl does love a bit of musical theatre.

ITM my arrowheads of desire!

The bingo cards made it onto the newsletter!?!

Pinch yourselves inner circle you've only gawn an made it!

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Fuck the debate, I want to see @NICKtheRAT and @CSB duke it out live on like real men.....or real anthropomorphised animal avatars.....I think it could get v trending

Now remember the first rule of No Agenda Artist Fight Club..... always wins

@ProfWorr @GWFF @Therealdcgirl @jeremiah @noagendashowvideo @bigl0af @Beachbunny @CrazyAustiniteDonham @Johncdvorak @Johnny_of_the_swamp @PakkonenCT @Robvcase @shebang

ITM bigwigs!

As she sent this to me mayhaps Dimench straddler missus sort of gets it?

The loves his

ITM Sticklers!

So Dimench straddler missus commences 30th trip round the sun tomoz.

I punish/reward her with new smartphone PRE-LOADED with tusky...

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It was 9 years ago today that I met my soulmate @Laurien and together the number of lives that we've saved or created, you wouldn't believe it folks! Such a high number, nobody's ever seen anything like it, big league!!!

Here's to many more laughs and bowls and spontaneous adventures!

@admin is holdin down the fort and the is hopefully swinging by in 40 mins so theres one thing to toot I guess

ITM Shizniz!

Enforced Mid-week sobriety elapses and your is all like...

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@adam despite Podcast Index LLC being 3-person company, Podcasting 2.0 feels different to 1.0 due to community participation in it via GitHub, Mastodon, and other distributed community resources:

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@GWFF no offense taken, I embrace my mongrelness as it were.

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