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The product includes a copy of the invicta whiskey charter.

Tonight's fest is going to be as as it can get people!

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ITM slinky's!

My house spirits supplier has finally released this whiskey made in the !

More to kome...

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I think I fixed/broke that song ( ) I referenced just now on @jitsi
You know the one where the usurped the bat signal & everything was right with the world.

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@Johncdvorak @adam For your continued coverage of the millennial sex crisis: In-line ads for dick pills on tinder.

P.S. There was an ad for theremins but I skipped it before I realized what it was. If I ever see it again I'll be sure to get a screenshot for you.

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Happy Tokin' Tuesday, bowlers! Tune in TONIGHT for Episode 87 of , the hottest smoking potcast in the universe, LIVE at 10 PM EST / 9 PM CT on the No Agenda stream after DH Unplugged.

@SirSpencer and I want to hear about the first time YOU ever held a baby for this week's !

Leave us a voicemail or send a text:
(816) 607-3663



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He's a total whore.

He makes money from podcasting the same way an infomercial douche is a millionaire only because he sells make money fast programs.

That Ask Me Anything post is an advertisement.

#Respect #Fish

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@GWFF I saw those cunts swanning about on the beaches full of people and wondered why the fuck no one was tipping buckets of sea water over em or covering them with wet sand lol.

I guess one there had a brain and some courage!

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Don't talk about X with Y on jitsi unless you're trying to catch an earful.
@bigl0af : Intrinsic value
@jeremiah : Mouse traps
@HLC : Lowell, MA
scotty : Natural rights
mopey : The you know whos
@noagendashowvideo : programming strings

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@teslanaut kinda. Soon to be released Producer site will allow a default onair name regardless of payment method. :)

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The joy! Life is simple people- Be that kid just enjoying the ride. Be the Dad and feel the groove! Be @GWFF doing the work spreading V4V 👏🏼💪🏻

ITM nincompoops!

Last day here in B-right-on.

Hittin' the arcade to catch some coof n win more tat.

Found a sort of semi decent duet called 'Fukushima Dolphin'.

Bought a CD off of them. Was £8 but I said keep a tenner init.

Hung out with my cuhz at a cwauffee shop.

Decided on a name for your 's go to future cwauffee haunt.

coming to a near you...

Oh an check this little ditty I see on a wall in there sexy @SirSpencer

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