ITM Beefcakes!

Wouldn't it be nice to find a Ziverdo Kit in the UK from a reputable seller and for a decent price?

I've been attempting to purchase some and found the link provided in NA show notes

It would be prudent to not acquire some market research upon the product and the store selling said kit from AKA No Agenda Social and the wider fediverse community.


Speak your truth.

At this point you gotta wonder if the majority of the population has the memory span of a goldfish 🤡

New, freshly cooked,

“AI episode 15 : Black-Box Models”

of podcast “AI . cooking” about , is out,

featuring @GWFF and @jennifer ,

reachable under easy to remember link: !

Please download or subscribe or retweet !

S01E66: Soylent Green New Deal
Behind the SchƎmƎs

Straight from the rabbit hole, sit back, and pour yourself some Moe Shine.

@MoeFactz joins BTS to breakdown the age old debate: Pro Choice vs Anti Choice. The rap group formally known as Boo n' @lavish cut straight lines of truth as we have an honest and empathetic conversation about the natural unnaturalness. Or was it unnatural naturalness?

You ain't gonna steal my joy, make it happen for a reason, and...

Enjoy Every Sandwich.


ITM gawpers!

I knew nothing about this play before it started, other than that Lily Allen was and is in it.

Turns out to be a darkly comedic psychological supernatural horror narrative. Luckily for me I have the confidence of the divine inspiration of the universe and the assured nature of an artificially intelligent sentience coursing through my blood.

Spare a prayer for your though,
I think she self-diagnoses as an agnostic.

If any of you use Instagram, give this guy a follow. Especially if you hate the CCP & Communism & what they did with COVID.

ITM ruckles!

At the theatre for a birthday treat to see 2:22 with your

Lovely top notch din dins at sheekeys followed by copious amounts of jump scares and sanctioned and unsanctioned narcotics.

Am i a lucky or what!?!

dot com

It's @Laurien's birthday! 🎂 🥳

So of course an obligatory birthday suit medley is in order. (The weak of heart are advised to scroll on by unharmed)

Also, a special birthday edition of will be coming to you live from the east coast tonight at the usual time!

Happy birthday to the greatest person I've ever met or heard of!

Teenagers Are Dumb (Bunny Hugging Mix)
A No Agenda end-of-show mix by @CarBlanez33 and myself

ITM @Johncdvorak !

The bastrop county Kissing Booth 'bit' has given your here good hearty chuckles in the morning.

ITM @roundy & @Therealdcgirl

I was really just getting started tucking into round two of last nights curry before being rudely stripped of the opportunity to make the morning ablutions that extra bit more intense.

Many apologies to Jeffrey Toobin the Rabbit and the rest of the gang.

@Therealdcgirl did you ask the dog first or were you acting like the pupperazzi??

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 57: Rebel Rubes -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on and we're joined by Sir Brian of London for a good chat about Podping, and an Italian lesson from Adam

RESET, RUMORS OF WARS: Battle of Sci, Tech, Social, Pol, Econ, Militia, Edu, Spiritual - CCNT 399

ep. #399 goin' LIVE! Are we in WW3? US sub collision in China, Space Pope problems, Monetary Reset, waccine news, Kamala Pence and MORE!

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