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So Denmark removes all restrictions and covid infections fall 50% in ten days.

Everything is open. No one is wearing masks. People go to restaurants and events.

Danes are now living life like normal.

Since the 1day: COV is not more deadly than in the previous yrs.

Many think that the COVID is deadly and still tout it to everybody around them.....'s as wrong as the ones who believe in the flat earth.
Hereafter, U will see that global number of death since 80'(in France)
In US, the stat is to come 1 year later: available for the 2022 midterms.
🔸Do U think it could be analyzed by some (hope not by most) as a moral betrayal?
🔸Could it be a kind of nuke for the 2022 midterms?

@GVRon it might be ok now but there will be a rise in 'cases' again at some point in the future unless they totally bin off all of their testing outside of hospital settings.

Once 'cases' climb, the media kicks into hysteria mode and before you know you're back in Nazi Germany again.

@GVRon The story just promotes “vaccines” and obedience. MSM reports that Denmark lifted restrictions because it reached high vaccination rates “voluntarily.”

From NBC News:

"Throughout the pandemic [Denmark] has had higher acceptance than many comparable countries. No mandates needed."

“Lack of vaccine acceptance is associated with lack of trust in authorities and scientists, conspiratorial thinking and a lack of concern about COVID-19," the scientists wrote in the study.

Of course, 100% propaganda 24/7. But the fact remains covid rates don't correlate to vax or lockdown.

@GVRon of course! I just fell for this Denmark story and looked into it only to see that it wasn’t because anyone came to their senses but rather that the people did what they were told.

@Andijayne @GVRon boots on the ground report. My brother in law moved there a few years ago. Vaccination is quite high. They used a passport for 3 months last winter. For the passport they recognized natural infection with confirmed antibody testing.
Everything is open except trains and air travel where you need a passport.
He said last week that now everything is open, everyone is sick with a cold.

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