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Dr. Mercola explains in his own words why he was coerced to remove all articles on COVID-19. (Video)

Why I’m Removing All Articles Related to Vitamins D, C, Zinc and COVID-19


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Ben Davidson destroys climate change. His morning space weather update great too.


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Hobbs and the AZ Dems could have participated in the audit and everything would be going much smoother.

Instead, they chose not to participate, told their voters not to participate, and then obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.

It doesn't take a smart person to figure this out.

Trump legitimately won.

They want to keep that information from coming out.

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IM on Twitter: "Remember, we must never question the experts, no matter what. Sure, the CDC Director said on 3/30 that she had a “recurring feeling of impending doom,” and sure, cases are down -25% since…but we must not question why she was wrong. She is an expert. She cannot be wrong. https://t.co/Fmfg1BqbbM" / Twitter
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This is my AZ AUDIT thread for the day.


Got an article here by Jen Fifield, published last night.

There is only one name of any interest to me in this article right now:

"Ben Cotton is the founder of CyFIR, a Virginia-based digital security company that Cyber Ninjas hired for that work."


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CIA Replaces Waterboarding With 12-Hour Lectures On Intersectional Feminism

Terror suspects will be subjected to lengthy lectures about cis-male privilege, heteronormative patriarchy, and microaggressive mansplaining.


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There is some hope. The snap election in Madrid, Spain was won yesterday by a landslide by the main “right wing” party, which leader slogan was Freedom or socialism. It’s leader fought with the central government against thought COVID restrictions and lockdowns, with all the mass media and social media against her bombarding people with lies crossing into international media.
But the people has say No, no to the m5m, no to globalists,reality bites and no mass media or lies can change that.

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Biden admin mulls partnering with private firms to monitor "extremists"

The Biden administration is reportedly considering contracting outside firms to track ​”extremist” chatter online in order to circumvent legal restrictions on the surveillance power of federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security.

The federal government is only allowed to browse through the public information on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

To get around those restrictions, the federal government is reportedly weighing enlisting outside entities that can legally encounter these groups and gather information.

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My 89 year old dad got the Pfizer vaccine 8 weeks ago.
Yesterday he had to take a Covid test because he is moving into an assisted living facility.
He tested positive.
He'll be tested again tomorrow.

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This is repulsive. The Intercept was founded during the Snowden story to defend privacy rights & oppose the security state. Now, the liberal DNC hacks who "edit" it are boasting they got personal data from Gab users & are sorting through it, doing FBI's work to find "extremists."

Glenn Greenwald
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we can all use some humor..not as snarky awesome as @HealthRanger ...but coming in a close second.

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Indian newspaper:

''...asymptomatic patients would often demand oxygen support in spite of their oxygen saturation levels being normal. They press for oxygen support just out of fear+ anxiety''

Most importantly, the media is desperate for bad news to push the vaccines, + the numbers in the US are not cooperating. Thus: variants. Thus: younger people getting sicker (basically no evidence for this, which is why you never see numbers). And thus: India.


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