After 40 years, finally got a hole in one. Ball in cup at bottom of the picture. Ball mark at top of picture.

138 yards with a 9 iron. Hole 17 at The Hideout in Monticello UT.

@GMOdysseys I can't believe everyone is falling for this, Adam and John included.

Sores on the genitals are symptoms of "herpes" and "syphilis" and "smallpox" and "cowpox" and now, apparently, "monkeypox". A doctor cannot differentially diagnose any of these from the others without using a bullshit "test" that gives a magic answer. They are clinically indistinguishible because they are all just labels for "wounds on the genitals due to a binge of unsanitary rough sexual activity"

I want to buy this shirt but I’ll feel so old if I ever wear it in public.

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If you don't identify as a nigger you shouldn't be able to use the word. Same with retard and cunt.

Of course I'm a nigger retard cunt online so I'm good

Orwell taught us how to understand doublespeak.

DOJ means Department of Injustice.

The word “justice” is probably one of the most abused words of all time, in any language.

I seem to remember everyone complaining covid data and how all the percentages that the “authorities” were feeding the public were based on sus denominators…

I haven’t heard one single person question the denominators in this monkeypox psy-op.

@NetNed @SirSpencer @GMOdysseys

Best case scenario would be simply removing pot from the Controlled Substances Act and repealing federal prohibition. Nothing more. Let the people do what they want -- tomato model!

Another new variety for me this year is the pimento. I grew about 2 dozen from seed. Only about 7 survived. I was hoping for a better showing on these but I'll take what I can get. I will also attempt to overwinter a few of these plants.

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@AnthemAK @GMOdysseys

The Deep States whole control over the left… Mass Formation Psychosis is all based on TDS.

The lefts' entire fear/response/association of C19 is due to TDS.

Would Fauci have been perceived as being supremely credible to the libs had the libs not been infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome?

The CDC was forced to change their stupid-19 guidance before kids went back to school in order to keep even more parents from revolting against the establishment.

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