What's @Johncdvorak 's term for when a news story makes an assertion, and the clip has nothing to do with backing up the assertion?

RIP Ric Parnell, drummer who portrayed "Mick Shrimpton' in the absolute classic "This Is Spinal Tap".

These used to be Family size, but I guess the woke don't like that anymore...

@adam says were are living in a fractal of the 70s.. what do you think is next?...

On the last No Agenda, @adam said that his grandmother sent cassette tape recordings of American TV news broadcasts to his mother in the Netherlands, so that they could hear what was being said. In other words, playing clips of the new in in Adam's DNA !!

So the Ziverdo kit ordered seems to have been nabbed by the Feds... oh well.. kiss that $ goodbye..

If you cuss on live TV, but it's the Oscars, does it make a sound?

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