Planet Rage will be on a few hours later than normal.

@ThatLARRYSHOW is working hard to exit LA and had something to take care of.

Looking at a 3PM Central start.


TONIGHT 730p 930c 1030e
and 12:30pm Tuesday afternoon in East Australia!

Behind the Sch3m3s

We discuss schemes, rouses, shenanigans, ne'er-do-wells, puppet masters, 4d chess players, and succulent mysteries!

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(612) 263-7999

art by @Boo_BuryMothman

The ever excellent Hog Story is on stream. With @CarBlanez33 and @lavish 302 just for you

On today's Lotus Effect, @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 and I will discuss the benefits...and the bullshit of keto.

Today's "refire" topic is the first time I broke a tooth. Weigh in on this, Keto, or anything else at 253-237-3321!

Join us at 4pm Central (UTC-5) today at:

Or listen later at:

Join @SirSpencer and I LIVE in the Bowl TONIGHT at 9 PM Central for Episode 171 of , a special featuring Sir Paul the Book Guy.

Call to ask anything, tell us about your favorite book or share what you're currently reading:

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I’m hosting a Bitcoin meetup tomorrow called MaxiCon, I’m creating the agenda now. If you’re in Brooklyn come to BrookLAN bar at 7 PM and say hi!

Catch five naked-eye planets lined up in the morning sky on Friday

The last time this rare, ordered planetary alignment occurred was way back in 2004. And it won't happen again for nearly 20 years.

Hello! I'm a producer, blue-state refugee now living in South Dakota, and registered nurse on coof-insanity hiatus. I'm also a weaver and just set up an Etsy page. If you are interested in virtue-signaling-free handmade stuff, please take a look!

If anyone in the KC area is still interested in Eating some pastured chicken, let me know

We have 30 birds in the freezer available


(913) 945-0558
[email protected]

Just putting out here and see what happens.

I got notice from my landlord. I'm currently looking for a new place.
Wondering if there is a likeminded NA listener, 2A friendly, looking for a roommate in the great state of Texas.

Got the munchies? haz cheezeburger! Come get one live tonight 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central on with @SirSpencer and Dame Duh @Laurien's bouncy bits, @! Check out the chat room, leave a voice mail and send some V4V!

Happy summer solstice everyone. Most minutes of daylight, in one day, of the year. All downhill from here…d3;
Blessed day to all of you true to yourself types

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers past and present. You all are way more than the title of a non birthing person…d3; Love to all of the Pops

Happy birfday to a true embodiment of doing what you know feels good to the soul. I appreciate all that you do. Keep rocking those revolutions around the sun Hass.


I added a NATube feed to the index. It now shows up in curiocaster, but none of the videos will load. Any thoughts on what I might need to do to get em playing?

Join @SirSpencer & I in the Bowl ✨TONIGHT✨ for Episode 165 of ✨LIVE + LIT✨ at 9 PM Central.

The @RevCyberTrucker brings us a bowler-requested while we enjoy First Time I Ever saw a condom stories. Share YOURS in a voicemail:

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Happy Birthday Carolyn. Hoping that it’s as great to you, as you are to all of us…(3:

Respect to all soldiers, veterans, and those in the service, lost in battle or otherwise. Tank you for your service.

Happy birthday to a righteous fella. Keep on keeping on, stay sharp and stay strong. To a blessed year ahead…

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