Not the usual flat earth rabble but rather a round table discussion of the human condition on this living planet.
Ep 78 The Big Lie w/ David Weiss, S.B. Alger and Mario Garza

No transcript. It’s a breakdown of the press briefing from Nov 18 w/ Alex Azar, Dr Moncef Slaoui and Gen. Gus Perna about the rollout and deployment of the new vaccines.

ITM good people. If anyone would like to guest on my podcast Up Is Down and give a Crypto & RSS basics 101, I would be eternally grateful.
I’m talking very basic for the curious, cryptoskeptical and uninitiated.

Main points: Setting up a wallet, setting up crypto exchange on a website (new BTC address after each transaction?)
Integrating a hosted RSS to Podcasting2.0, (new BTC address after each transaction?)
Indy servers for website?

Please email me
Deaner host @
[email protected]

Ep 69 Counter-Economics w/ Sal The Agorist

Be your own bank, make your own stuff, walk away from tyranny

Here’s a special short episode dedicated to Oregon Governor Kate Brown and all of our children.

New podcast episode about Oregon Gov Kate Brown. Enjoy! Or hate it! Whatever!

thats perfect. thats my website that I don't really keep up on, but its mine. Thanks again dude

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