Ep 95: S T F U (NSFW)

Some classic Up Is Down for your earballs.
And barely only over an hour for once 🎯

A summary (not me):

Up Is Down Ep.94: Titanic Remains or Maybe Just Rocks?

Incredible talk about the petrified titanic elephant in Mike's backyard. Yes, that's right.

Don't think titans were real or could actually now be mountains? check this out:

Or this:

Going live with Sir SeatSitter of Abs na 6pk podcast to talk about that ol’ DOGMAN and such. Tune in shortly.... we’re running a few mins behind



We heard your disturbing anecdote on NA just now about banks buying up houses in TX a la The Great Roll-Up of real estate assets....

my lady does real estate and we both are interested in any shareable documentation or emails or screenshots of this.

She believes most agents are oblivious of The Great Real Estate Roll-Up and she wants her friendly agents to be aware.

@Genen, Do you have anything she could copy and share with her agency?


You can dm me for email

Ep 90: A(parent) Problems w/ @[email protected]


Super rad talk with one of my favorite men in this world. We covered some pretty horrific news, a subject few are talking about, and the likes of which I predicted a year ago.

I hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as we enjoyed making it. And THANK YOU ALL for your continued support of (all of) our podcasts. I believe we hold the future firmly in our hands...if we can keep it.

hey guuuuuuyyyyyysssss.
we're doin it live with
Behind The Sch3m3s at 7:30 pm PST (9:30 CT)

Get excited tonight at 930/1030 @Frankenbones from the Up is Down podcast is joining us to talk unions on Behind the Sch3m3s!

Listen live at the Scaly Show at behindthesch3m3s.com/thescalys

Join our IRC chat

Ep 85 : “Masks Save Lives”

I’ve recently had a change of opinion regarding face masks.

New Episode! 82: From Darkness to Light: a conversation w/ Blaise Kennedy about addiction, trauma, recovery, consciousness and recovery. Its a good one!


The conclusion to The Real Libya “Revolution” in 2011

Episode 81: Truth About Libya : Pt 2



*call out to philanthropic NA producers. Jimmy & Joanne could really use some tech/PR support. If these episodes got to you, consider contacting them and offering your services. You’re not only helping them, you’re helping the tribes of Libya and 98% of the national population.
Please share this story.

Episode 80 The Truth About Libya : Pt 1

The real story of the Libyan “revolution” in 2011 as told by actual boots on the ground.


Tragically I made an editing error and had to republish that last episode.
Here is the fixed link: spreaker.com/episode/43035437

Not the usual flat earth rabble, but a lively round table discussion of the constructed history of the earth, human consciousness and spiritual, esoteric motivation behind such grand deceit.

Not the usual flat earth rabble but rather a round table discussion of the human condition on this living planet.
Ep 78 The Big Lie w/ David Weiss, S.B. Alger and Mario Garza

ITM good people. If anyone would like to guest on my podcast Up Is Down and give a Crypto & RSS basics 101, I would be eternally grateful.
I’m talking very basic for the curious, cryptoskeptical and uninitiated.

Main points: Setting up a wallet, setting up crypto exchange on a website (new BTC address after each transaction?)
Integrating a hosted RSS to Podcasting2.0, (new BTC address after each transaction?)
Indy servers for website?

Please email me
Deaner host @
[email protected]

Ep 69 Counter-Economics w/ Sal The Agorist

Be your own bank, make your own stuff, walk away from tyranny


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