Don’t bother with the in . It only works when the phone is unlocked so every time you lock your phone the time displayed gets more and more out of sync. (Doesn’t affect the Clock App or the phone itself)

Just went on Twitter to DM someone (which is the only time I use it). It’s terrible. So glad I quit using it.

Massachusetts 🏛 COVID-19 current stats for Wed Sep 23 2020

Cases: 127,969
Deaths: 9,328
Recovered: 109,397
Active: 9,244

Happy Birthday @adam have a great day! Love ya mean it no homo hope ya win! 🎂

Dear : FUCK YOU.

Students in Kindergarten – Grade 12 will be required to receive for the current influenza season for school attendance unless they have a medical or religious exemption.
@adam FYI

You can add my to the list of things killed by #2020. No real rain water for months.. + bugs, +ants... it was never perfect, but it always grew and was green and was an actual grassy lawn. Now it’s just a field of dust, weeds and crabgrass. Depressing. 🤷🏼‍♂️ 1999-2020.

@Framming I know, I just like thinking the end of winter is coming I love the Russian stouts in the winter

@Framming Sir Ernesto, I respectfully disagree. I squealed with joy when I poured my first pumpkin brew with cinnamon sugar rum this weekend. 😁

I wish beer, coffee, various stores etc etc could just hold off till the last week of August to blast us with their .. can we please enjoy the end of ? Last week of August is fine. July.. no. Mid-August.. no. 🤪🏖

Wow that idiot from UCLA talking about tech workers and h1b at the end of 1268 really pissed me off. Clueless elitist..

I used to work in TV news and can confirm that everything @Johncdvorak and @adam say about Television Biz in general is 110% true no exaggeration.
The worst moment for me personally was watching people in the newsroom high five each other for being the first on the scene showing the blood on the street after an abortion clinic shooting.. after that I got out of the biz...

Retracting my opt-out for . The round robin games are fun to watch and the focus being on the ice w stands being covered up / hidden lessens the annoyance factor considerably (for me at least).

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