So what is actually going down now that the Queen is dead is filling the headlines?

New record is out. New will be out in a few days. 🤘🏼and such.

Biden often reminds me of John Gill from ‘Patterns of Force’ EP… and such and so forth…

In the high 40’s (F) today for my morning run… message received Mother Nature... Gonna be time to layer up very soon.

Asking for some positive health karma vibes for my friend who is having surgery today!! If anyone is up for / believes in ‘Power of 8’ > noon EST today (Aug 2).

August 1 and I’m already getting and junk in my email… so stupid. Other than that I have no strong opinion about it.

This terrible presidency could be over immediately if someone from 4chan would just hack the teleprompter to say “I resign, effective immediately, not a joke. Stop reading, walk away”

After weeks of horribly disruptive continuous disconnections (caused by a bug in *thanks *) a reinstall of MacOS 12.4 *seems* to have cured it. 🤞🏼
PS > Please don’t at me about linux and such and so forth.

@adam listening to the first few min of the latest that audio quality is bangin son! Lol. Seriously though, sounds great. and such and so forth.

Took an unplanned hiatus from NA Social, but oh how I have missed you wonderful wackos. ❤️

For the third year in a row, we took too long to uncover the pool and now I'm a proud foster mom to at least 500 tadpoles. 🐸

It’s the NA today at Wachusett at 3:30. I didn’t get any RSVPs which was strange but I know there will be some attending. Look for the ! and such!

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