I tried to watch on demand with the advertisements and I couldn’t take it. I wound up just buying season 6 on amazon. Commercial free, un-edited. Worth it. I would do the same for sports. Pay for a season of NFL or NHL with no ads..?? It would be great. and such and so forth and so on.

I read that the benefit one receives from eating is actually due to the cows being given B12 that are just passed on to humans... I’d love to hear some actual farmers / experts chime in and elaborate.. Just curious. and such and so forth.

RIP Trevor Strnad - Black Dahlia Murder - just effing terrible news. He was such a great guy.. Only 41. WTF. Love and Light and on to the next dimension... I am grateful for the music he left for us 💫🤘🏼

Maybe I’m sticking my head in the sand but the best thing I can say about twitter is I’m glad I deleted my account a few months back. It was and remains the .

@adam @Johncdvorak

FYI: search.nashownotes.com/ is having issues (in case you were not already aware)

503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request.

Looks like you can’t get in the US apple ios store anymore. Dang.

I’m glad the outage was just for normal maintenance and not a attack! Just the same I still blame . lol @eriner

New England beer+ tasting meetup results!

Out of 10 beers/other adult beverages we tasted and rated together, here are the best and worst rated according to our taste buds.

It’s only fitting that the mead was the winner.

Thank you to @Framming, @notjake, @paulyasi, @Kaiserhase, and everyone else for another excellent meetup!

I think it’s time to bring back the Wachusett Brewery location maybe in June.. I can’t think of a more central location. Open to suggestions!! We need to unite Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western !
@simonna @LadyButters @sirkniVes @notjake @33Savage @OccultFan @ginclear @Kaiserhase @noagendashowvideo @Cmlvermage @Panopticon @karys @SirPent @Jessicajoyy @Robvcase

I saw last week and I thought it was very good. I liked that it focuses more on the detective aspect of the character and not gadgets and fighting. The vampire actor did a great job. I didn’t mind the running length. Probably the top or 2nd best flick.. debatable.

First time sitting outside on the porch and not freezing 2022. Feels excellent. Birds chirping and such.

Apparently today is Employee Appreciation Day (?) I got a heartfelt email from some guy in the adminisphere thanking me for everything I do. Awesome. I feel so special.

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