I love it when @adam plays the “Hillary Swoop” sound. Something about it cracks me up every time lol 😂

I don’t usually get sucked into these things but Sweaty Sean Spicer’s weekly survival on much to the chagrin of the show’s judges is highly entertaining.

What’s the holdup for 13.2?? I can’t wait for all the new emojis to come out! 🤪

13.1.3. Album art still broken. I’m stuck at ‘Artists at War’. At least it’s a good one and not a picture of AOC or something lol.

13.x made the built in app pretty annoying to use. Unresponsive, I’m guessing due to iCloud syncing, album art broken, etc.. but hey, DARK MODE, updated emojis, super important stuff. Wooo! .

Sorry fans... now on to rooting for whoever’s playing the MF yankees ...

The first New England No Agenda Meetup was yesterday and it was awesome. Great talk without fear of offending. 4 total strangers and I felt comfortable confiding that I'm a fan of W. The movie and the President. The beer was also top notch. Looking forward to the next meetup.

Just updated to 13.1.1 and an hour later 13.1.2 is out. Lol. 😆 👀

Updated to 13.1.1. Did not enable... (@adam voice). Laugh out loud.

Since the are out of the playoffs I’ll root for the to win the Series this year. In the I’ll take whoever is playing the MF Yankees. 😆

I don’t know why got bad reviews I watched it this past weekend and thought it was great. I actually thought it was one of the best -men flicks fo sho! 🤷🏼‍♂️

Someone who worked on season 3 is an NA listener. Ep 4 prison escape sequence w ‘Code 33’ blaring away non stop through the entire fight scene..

Damn RIP Eddie Money so many effing hits. I just listened to one of his tunes earlier this am. Total bummer. . I think I’m in love, Take me home tonight, Two tickets to Paradise... damn.

I’m already sick of why did the sign this ?? It is beyond me... 🤷🏼‍♂️

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