A long time ago my brother and I had this really elaborate idea for a movie about two guys who win tickets to a Milli Vanilli concert in the late 80s or early 90s and discover that they were lip syncing long before the expose' that brought the duo down and so these two guys spend the rest of the movie stalking the group and chasing their tour bus off a bridge somewhere in Los Angeles and the movie ends with the two guys watching the bus sink in the LA River and it starts to rain and the song "Blame it on the Rain" plays over the end credits It was really stupid but we were laughing our asses off when we wrote the screenplay

Again I feel for them but why are we helping other people when we can’t help ourselves?!?!

Seriously where the fuck is our freedom?!?! America is home the free and the brave! It’s time the brave stand up to keep America’s freedom!!

I’m too excited about this!!! 30 minutes before this she was crying and afraid! Then bam riding with no trainers!!! Can my human resource get some keep it up karma?! Lol

Joe Rogan fully healed already: negative test, pumping iron (his beloved kettlebells shaped like gorilla) and eating beef:

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