@adam @Johncdvorak
It is an honor to have the opportunity to be graced by two of the Best Voices In The Universe LIVE!
Thanks to All the producers and douchebags for having a conscious heart-based intelligence center. Spread the No Agenda Love!!!
Karma to All

Happy Birthday @DameAshley !!!
Here's to another spin around the sun!

@adam please wish your beautiful daughter Christina a happy birthday from me! Enjoy your escape from the states!

I truly Love all my N/A brothers and sisters in the U.S and beyond. Thanks to all that made this platform a wonderful and magical place for us weirdos with small amygdalas.
Good nite my friends!
And remember
Hail safe! ✋

I hear the call!!! Listening to THE BEST PODCAST IN THE UNIVERSE! Love to @adam @Johncdvorak and ALL Trolls Producers AND douchebag listeners because we don't judge here. It's all Love!
Hail safe! TYFYC

Thanks to ALL the Producers of this wonderful episode!

Me imagining a little @Johncdvorak shot-putting Sunday newspapers on his bike is so adorable!!!
Thank You lil JCD for Your Courage! 💚💚💚

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@adam and @Johncdvorak are homeopathic psychologists naturally calming and shrinking amygdalas WORLDWIDE!!!
✨💚🙏💚✨ Eternally grateful for their Courage and Love!

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"Haaaaay Guys!"
I'm so happy to be here with you today!
This IS The Best Social Media Platform In The UNIVERSE! Love You All!
Thank You for Your Courage!
Hail safe ✋

So the gov, "health care" and media industries are sewing servere mental illness.

Bipolar/munchausen by proxy much?

JCD: "It's good for ratings!"

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