@Foneguy89 @shill It's all so baffling ...I never in my wildest dreams thought we would end up here.

@Foneguy89 @shill need to put trigger warning on that. Gosh darn it makes me so mad seeing all of those cartoons, M5M reports, full on songs made for the vax….. im numb.
Plandemic 3 in the H O U S E

@Carsh @Foneguy89 Just wait... you'll get triggered again thinking about how all that lame song/dance shit WORKED on far too large of a segment of people.

@shill @Foneguy89 that is def part of my trigger….. thx for bringing THAT up too. Haha

@Foneguy89 @shill Hard to tell with soccer players though, could be staging.

@ChefsCatch @Foneguy89 Confirmation bias danger, indeed. Remember the videos early in the retard-19 thing reportedly showing Chinese citizen dropping like flies from "the virus on unknown origin". Skepticism is a requirement.

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