I understand but why? What do they have to gain? It's always money. The only ones who gain from this are big pharma.
Maybe I'm missing something but at the same time think I'm also beginning to draw a better picture. 🤪

@maxdepth Not to go all Alex Jones on here, but these gene therapies are not vaccines and we are seeing that they do not stop infection, spread or death. If you get bored and really want to get freaked out look up ADE and Covid. All of the previous animal experimentation for previous coronaviruses and MRNA vaccines have not ended well for the test subjects. Am I saying this vaxxine push is to cull the herd? I'm not a scientist or a doctor, but there are many who are saying it is.

I uh, am lost. I didn't say anything about it being a vaccine or not. I'm curious about the control aspect. Why does everyone think it's about control?
Big pharma, big money. I always follow the money. Government can't handle the organization that it has now let alone an entire population.

@maxdepth money is control. If they cared about health the borders wouldn't be open and testing would be required of everyone. The vaccines don't stop infection, transmission or death. But it isn't about health or protecting Americans. It is about dividing the masses because a divided population is easier to control. Unless people stand up to this bullshit life doesn't go back to normal. There will always be another booster and your paycheck, housing and food will depend on your compliance.

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