UK vaccine recipients were secretly surveilled
A shocking revelation

The UK government tracked millions of people, without their knowledge, using their phones to gain insights into behavioral changes after vaccination, according to a new report. The government somehow insists the data collection was ethical and no privacy laws were broken

They used “cell phone mobility data for 10% of the British population,” and chose over 4,200 vaccinated individuals



October 2020 | by Whitney Webb

Google & Oracle To Monitor Americans Who Get Warp Speed’s Covid-19 Vaccine For Up To Two Years

Moncef Slaoui, the official head of Operation Warp Speed, told the Wall Street Journal last week that all Warp Speed vaccine recipients in the US will be monitored by “incredibly precise . . . tracking systems” for up to two years and that tech giants Google and Oracle would be involved.

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► The problem is, per what an expert ex Pfizer executive and a top Nobel Prize scientist have warned, all the people who got the #COVID #KILL #SHOT will all #die within a year or two…so nobody will be able to monitor anything.

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The think is in my city you can just walk in with NO ID and can get a vax. How do they monitor this? I could just pay a homeless guy to get mine, I'd bet. Also having a phone isn't a requirement.

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