A child’s 78,000-year-old grave marks Africa’s oldest known human burial

Excavations at Panga ya Saidi pushed back the ritual’s date at least a few thousand years


Researchers who unearthed the ancient youngster’s remains say that they’ve found the oldest known intentional human burial in Africa. The investigators, who report the discovery in the May 6 Nature, have named the ancient youngster Mtoto, a Swahili word that means “child.”

Today in 1907

33rd Kentucky Derby:

Andy Minder aboard Pink Star wins in 2:12.6

Shit where have it been? I don’t recall this group/organization


The PoC leader(?), joker-like persona, has some say regarding BLM & Antifa


The Atlanta police officer who was fired after fatally shooting Rayshard Brooks during an attempted DUI arrest last year has been reinstated after an independent review by the city's Civil Service Board.


Pétrus wine aged in space up for sale at Christie's


A bottle of French wine that orbited the Earth for more than a year has been put up for sale.

The bottle of Pétrus 2000 - made from merlot grapes in the Bordeaux region - spent 14 months in orbit as part of a privately funded research study on food and agriculture.

On Tuesday Christie's announced the wine is now available through its private sales.

The auction house estimates a sale price of $1M


I have been seeing this amongst the social intrawebs

“I’m not vaccinated, but I identify as vaccinated, so leave me alone”

Panic Hoarding Guns Now Enters 16th Month As Biden Seeks Ban


The FBI's NICS logged 3.514 million background checks in April 2021, which is more than any other April on record. Background checks have been elevated since the virus pandemic began and recently supercharged under an anti-gun Biden administration.

The Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting group (SAAF) told the Washington Examiner that gun sales topped 1.8 million for the month, another record for April

BREAKING: Biden DOJ may interfere in Arizona audit

Karlan also expresses concern regarding an allegation that Cyber Ninjas, the firm tasked with auditing the election, is working to “identify voter registrations that did not make sense, and then knock on doors to confirm if valid voters actually lived at the stated address.”

Although she provides no evidence of wrongdoing, Karlan suggests Cyber Ninjas may be intimidating voters.


Which famous American career politician is now lying to kids? ● What does gubmnt claim has replaced the virus as America’s most dangerous threat? ● What simple process has enabled GOMECO to control citizens? ● What did Merck pharmaceuticals say that upended Covid vaccines? ● If you’re still thinking about taking the jab – LISTEN! Your life depends on it. thatlarryshow.com/episode-308-

The Antidote with Judy Mikovits

Have you ever heard of “suramin”? Well.if you haven’t, look it up. And when you do, I suggest reading the link titled “Suramin & Autism” published by the University of California San Diego. Did you know that it’s ILLEGAL to use “suramin” for any therapeutic purposes in the United States?

Throughout this interview, Dr. Mikovits shares insights regarding different antidotes that can be used to treat the ill-effects of the “you know what”



(Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, USA)

118,902 Reports Through April 23, 2021*


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