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Will Be Making An Official Global Announcement Today Marking The One Year Anniversary of The Assassination of Kobe Bryant Including My Upcoming Interview On The TIN FOIL HAT PODCAST, Los Angeles, CA (Feb 10th, 6:30pm EST) "BLACK HOLLYWOOD ASSASSINATION DOSSIER SERIES"

VOLUME 11 of The Series That Has Rocked The World "KOBE BRYANT: Luciferian Project Completed" Detailing The Hidden Forces of The Global Luciferian Heptagon System Neutralized Kobe Bryant.

This is hilarious… She ain’t no Kayleigh

SUPERCUT: Jen Psaki Is Going to ‘Circle Back’


January 25, 2021

Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World - Full Video (1 hour)

Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World traces Sowell's journey from humble beginnings to the Hoover Institution, becoming one of this era's greatest economists, political philosophers, and prolific authors. Hosted by Jason Riley, a member of "The Wall Street Journal" editorial board


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Ghislaine Maxwell asked a judge to drop charges against her, arguing the grand jury pool didn't have enough Black or Hispanic people

They argued the grand jury pool wasn't diverse enough, that some of the charges were too vague or violated double jeopardy protections, and that some should take place in a separate trial.

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2018 - What does Estulin think of Trump?

Whether Trump is a project, he’s what we call black international, by black international I mean all the European landowners the old aristocracies, the royal families, the Vatican, the royal family of England, the Rothschild’s. …the epicenter of the British Empire, Singapore and Hong Kong city states, these are the people behind the candidacy of Donald Trump on a super national level

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Budweiser becomes latest Super Bowl commercial stalwart to sit out this year's broadcast

"If you are too somber, funny, or incendiary — or if you don’t strike the 'right' chord for the moment — the backlash can be significant," Whitler wrote in an email. "Everything is magnified. Press – good and bad — is amplified. The risk is simply greater."

Today, Representative Kyle Biedermann (R- Fredericksburg) filed House Bill 1359, also known as the Texas Independence Referendum Act, which would allow the citizens of Texas to vote on whether the Texas Legislature should create a joint interim committee to develop a plan for achieving Texas independence.

This is not a resolution to allow for immediate independence.

Turn snitch and get rich: Texas teen gives his own dad in to the FBI, pays his way through college

Apparently encouraged by his supporters, Reffitt set up a crowdfunding campaign, and after raising the donation limit several times has netted just under $87,000 in less than three days. This amount has paid for his university tuition, repaired his car, and purchased his dental insurance, Reffitt wrote on GoFundMe.

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The little-noticed documents, which include never-before-seen exhibits, were submitted by Special Counsel John Durham and lawyers for Page, who has been granted time to address the court as a victim when it sentences Clinesmith Jan. 29 as part of a plea agreement. Page and his attorneys argue that the FBI obtained his electronic communications, both written and oral, based on fraudulent warrants in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights

Global Initiative for COVID-19 Vaccine Records

Analysis by Whitney Webb

Tech giants with deep ties to the U.S. national security state — Microsoft, Oracle and the MITRE Corporation — have partnered with health care companies to create the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) to advance the implementation of digital COVID-19 vaccination records

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