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Welcome! This page is for anyone who loves open source investigating, and feels overwhelmed by the amount of resources and information out there. This is my personal one-stop shop for the best OSINT content available online, and I hope it helps you find new ways to learn from some amazing people. I add content here regularly. Who am I? Well... I am an investigator with a 20 year background of investigating certain types of organized crime.

How are the NAS producers from FEMA Region 4 faring as the encroaching Hurricane looms from the Gulf?

Fire breaks out at world's biggest produce market in Paris

A blaze at a massive produce market that supplies Paris with much of its fresh food sent a billowing column of dark smoke towering over the French capital before it was brought under control

There has to be an ISO within this clip!



This woman cut in front of this man and had a nervous breakdown when the man called her out

Open borders : election integrity be damned…

(NEXSTAR) — Soon, if you want to fly in the U.S. or visit certain federal buildings, you’ll be required to have a small feature on your driver’s license or identification card — a ⭐️ . And though the federal deadline to have that star on your ID is months away, many officials recommend starting the process sooner rather than later

Fact of the Day if she is so Evil, why have none of her Clients been arrested. ?

@Zerglingman @Foneguy89 i basically knew this but it’s an interesting way to look at it.

Kind of like building permits now require you to add up a bunch of eco-points. So if you want to put in a ton of windows (bad) you have to make it up in BS efficiency scores on your appliances, etc.

In the same way, the firms have to do actual production like having a factory (bad) so they have to make up their score by hiring woke or donating to shitbag causes.

Has it really been four years !?

“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy”

Cash is evil | ‘you might die’ | M5M shilling for central bank digital currencies (edited)

New robbery known as ‘jugging’ on the rise


Stacey Abrams Claims Obesity Is Just Numbers Manufactured By Her Bathroom Scale

ATLANTA, GA. — While speaking at a public symposium on behalf of The Association of Donut Lovers, Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams claimed obesity was just numbers manufactured by her bathroom scale.

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