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Lawyer: "If Alec Baldwin Is Charged, I Believe He's Likely Convicted."

Interview with Andrew Branca

The large focus of our discussion was the Alec Baldwin shooting tragedy, and as the headline of today's content suggests, based on the available evidence and New Mexico law, it appears to be that if he's charged with involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death, he's likely to be convicted.

RKF Jr | October 22, 2021

CIA and Totalitarianism Speech to Ron Paul Institute

(:38 min)

“This 1946 film was shown to kids at school to teach them how to spot a despot country. This film was very low quality originally, so I upscaled it to 1080p for your viewing pleasure! I also remasted the audio a bit, the original was very muffled and hard to hear on some speakers.

Emerald Robinson’s The Right Way

The U.S. Government & The Third-Party Vendor Are One

A lawsuit in Colorado alleges that a private company currently trying to chill free speech in America is actually the government itself.

The supposedly third-party vendor which presents itself as a private company “is a state actor, i.e., the government.”

Australian ‘national treasure’ cartoonist loses job after comparing vaccine mandates to Tiananmen Square crackdown

Canadian Mounties for Freedom

Open Letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

We respectfully submit this open letter to express our most sincere concerns and resolute stand against the forced coercive medical intervention of Canadians, and against the undue discrimination experienced by those exercising their lawful right to bodily autonomy.

I mandate her to Shut the Fuck Up and go back to hell where she came from!


There was no pandemic. They were afraid that the leak may lead to a disaster as they didn’t know how much gain of function had occurred. They panicked and threw everything they could imagine as policy making it up as they went along to cover their butts.

ALEC BALDWIN Gun That Killed DP ...


The smoking gun that claimed the life of Halyna Hutchins might've been more than just an on-set prop (…)

Multiple sources directly connected to the 'Rust' production tell TMZ ... the same gun Alec Baldwin accidentally fired -- hitting the DP and director -- was being used by crews members off set as well, for what we're told amounted to target practice.

Neil Oliver: We are not stupid and we must not let the Government treat us as though we are

Take our own prime minister Boris Johnson. He was on Sky News this week and acknowledged that while the vaccine, offers a level of "protection against illness and death" it "doesn’t protect you against catching the disease and it doesn’t protect you against passing it on“

Surely that sentence right there means vaccine passports would be meaningless and pointless

So to sum it up:
1. US bans gain-of-function research.
2. Rogue bureaucrats fund it abroad instead.
3. Lab leak occurs. Global pandemic ensues.
4. Scientific leaders lie about it and label dissenters as racists.

Want to create a crisis of trust in science? That’ll do it.


@Foneguy89 @ProfWorr George got this interview through his connections at the Lollipop Guild

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter speaks at Missouri State

The Republican firebrand also doubled down Thursday night on her controversial view that women should not have the right to vote “because women see the government as their husbands.”

“If we took away women's right to vote, we'd never have to worry about another Democrat president. It's kind of a pipe dream, it's a personal fantasy of mine,” she said in a 2007 New York Observer interview.

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