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California Planning To Release Another 8,000 Inmates Early To Reduce Spread Of COVID-19

The 8,000 inmates could be eligible for release by the end of August under the new measures, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Decompressing facilities would allow state prisons to implement physical distancing, isolation and quarantine efforts.

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Larry Elder: “Uncle Tom” Documentary

Why are black conservatives called Uncle Tom?


Florida Democrats return $780,000 in PPP loans after criticism from party members and GOP

• The loan came even after state Democratic chair Terrie Rizzo called the PPP a “disaster” because it funneled money to big business. The forgivable loans were meant to help small businesses keep paying staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who testified against President Donald Trump in the Democratic House’s fall impeachment trial— destroying his own credibility in the process—made headlines this week after announcing his retirement from the Army, citing “bullying, intimidation and retaliation” from Trump

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How far can we recurse? It’s turtles all the way down, ain’t it?

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Data expert Justin Hart urges health officials to reopen schools

• Hart believes the increase in cases is okay, because the people testing positive are young people very low risk.

• Hart said, “here in San Diego, here in California, on the entire West coast, not a single person has died under the age of 20. But we know that 3,000 to 5,000 high schoolers across this country will die by their own hands, by suicide, every yea

Wayfair Conspiracy Theory Trending on Social Media Explained

• The conspiracy theory states that some of the cabinets on Wayfair’s website were being used for human trafficking because they were listed at high prices and many had strange names.

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<interesting thread>
[bird site @wellredbrat]

Looks like the Queen of Epstein Island, , was actually the Queen of Reddit

The online autists have done some tremendous digging on this

BREAKING: @America1stWomen has sent @BilldeBlasio a formal request asking to paint its own mural in NYC.

We have retained counsel should de Blasio continue infringing upon our Constitutional rights.

Tyranny MUST be stopped

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