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Dropping the T’s in a word. There is actually a definition for this. It is called T-glottalization

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@Fisto The end of the second part (also taken down everywhere) was the best closer ever. . .I think it's still out there somewhere.

Not sure but I think this one is the whole video. and extra 10 minutes:

Two doctors discuss COVID-19 and its effects on people, business, and society. This video is continually becoming more difficult to find on the internet. After you watch this 50 minute video you’ll understand why “They” don’t want you to understand.

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I just watched today's President's COVID-19 press conference and the problem with today's left-leaning news reports. This is an audio clip of the president defending himself against "FAKE NEWS" CNN. They will never provide the public with facts and what was said at the news conference. Instead, they will edit the clip and add to the 16,000 lies list. It's so despicable that those of you who believe the CNN, MSNBC, ABC reports that the President is a dufus.

OK. So I am taking the advice of Adam to build a Mastodon Server of my own. All going well. I have a Ubuntu server all fired up and ready to deploy Mastodon. But, Im stuck at a certain point. I understand that this isn't a tech discussion site, but if there is anyone I may bounce a question or two or three off of, please drop me a PM. Thanks.

John Deer's new 2020 Bloomberg agricultural model...

People from Illinois can understand the Dominick's reference

Disinfecting air from Coronavirus with heavy chemical spraying machines in Wuhan and Hubei province

Finally! On Sweet!

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