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Late night feed mixing, tomorrow have 9 bazillion things going on, this job that takes about 3 hrs, is prepped and ready to go for manana!

"The EPA attributes only 1.9% of America’s greenhouse gases to methane and nitrous oxide from beef cattle, less than a tenth of other industries like electricity or transportation.” If there is a war on beef, it’s misguided."


Anyone who's ever volunteered in youth sports will understand why this sign is hung on every entrance to our youth sports complex.

I've always thought people with huge yards were open mouth breathers..am I right?

In our small retail store, we sell whole raw milk and raw milk cheeses from a family farm. (Absolutely delicious btw) It is legal in PA with the correct permit and inspections. The main issues being on farm milking equipment sanitation and have a certified brucellosis and tuberculosis free cow herds. (Annual inspections as the bacterium of these diseases are communicable to humans commonly through unpasteurized dairy products) I suspect that's the issue with Amish dude in Bird in Hand, PA


Your comments from Thursday's show about farmers was spot on! Thank you for sticking up for the American Farmer. I've really enjoyed hearing both you and @adam discuss agriculture and food and it's importance. I've been meaning to write a note for many weeks but well, I've been busy farming. Keep up the great work and keep eating my friends!

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