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Summer of bluegrass!! The guys of 'Grass Stained Genes' hanging out in the barn picking up a song and laying down the set list for the weekend. So appreciative of real live vaxx passports needed. Join us @ the festival

A glass of bourbon at the end of the day. Cheers to life, and to @SirSpencer. Happy Birthday!

@FarmerTodd ๐Ÿ˜‚

An Italian artist sold an invisible sculpture for over $18,000 and had to give the buyer a certificate of authenticity to prove itโ€™s real

June 4 2020.... Milky way Galaxy... Earth... America, Appalachian plateau..... free AF

Just drove through my little tourist rural hometown in North Xentral PA. People everywhere! No parking spots! AND NO MASKS! Beautiful sight. Literally a week ago 50 % masks

Hats off to the CEO from Liberty energy as he installs billboards near North Face headquarters in Denver!!

Liberty energy trolls North Face after North face refuses to fill an order of fleeces for Texas oil company.

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