Japan is finally catching up with the fear mongering.

"The National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) concluded that there was no influenza outbreak in Japan last winter.

However, some experts are worried about the possibility of COVID-19 and flu infections spreading simultaneously this winter."

Pic is from the Japan Times, which requires an email address to read the full article, but our Commie friends let us read for free: news.cn/english/2021-09/15/c_1

"The WMU mandate was not only deemed a First Amendment violation, but also a Fourteenth Amendment violation because it is unequally enforced."

Well this is interesting. The 14th Amendment was used as a means to stop mandatory vax at at least one University. Have to read to the end of the article for that info.


Turn off broadcast tv and cable, I've done it for almost a year and my amygdala is feeling great!


Emerald Robinson Latin cross

According to a new pre-print study, boys between the ages of 12 and 15, with no underlying medical conditions, were four to six times more likely to be diagnosed with vaccine-related myocarditis than they were to be hospitalized with COVID.


"Three days after the White House announced a pause in evacuation flights, U.S. officials are exploring ways to administer the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to travelers before they depart for the United States, said Lt. Col. Will Powell, an 86th Airlift Wing spokesman."

Uh, but no talk of the miracle mRNA jabs? That's right, the Afghan's get the 'mectin.


A rebound effect of vax mandates/requirements, and other workplace requirements to come, will be more calls for unions.

Think USPS not being required to vax now and those Cadillac healthcare plans during the roll-out of Obamacare that were protected by unions.

Could be part of a long term plan for a union resurgence. Biden is not that smart but his handlers are.

One might ask, why aren't the Amish dying in large numbers?
Why aren't the homeless dying in large numbers?
Why aren't the illegal border jumpers dying in large numbers?


This is REAL thinking. Thank you for this. To everyone: make your tomorrow better. You control your future.

Take the vaccine or be fired? What about going on disability for mental stress?

I am not a fan of this and was once a manager and had an employee pull this shit so they could not be fired for poor performance.

But if faced with a choice of getting jabbed or fired the mental stress can likely warrant short term disability. Can’t get fired and can maybe ride it out for six months or more. I hate that shitbag option but it could still provide a paycheck.

Can we start calling Biden the Neo-Hilter now or do we still have to wait a little longer?

A parent of my child's classmate tested positive for the wuhan flu.

The principal sent this message to my child. I felt the need to reply.

noagendacareers.com/ v2.1 IS HERE - COME ONE, COME ALL (INSTANCES)!

Well, not all, but ITM Slaves! and Liberty Woof can now also sign in and post their profiles and job listing; and, this was implemented in a way that will make it very easy to support others, if NA's Mastodon presence diversifies further.

I have to step away briefly, but I wanted y'all to know. If you had trouble registering on 2.0, that should all be resolved with this version.

“I believe that mandating vaccines for children to appear in school is a good idea,” Fauci said in a CNN interview. “We’ve done this for decades and decades, requiring polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis.”


Yeah, you f'ing douche, because those are actual vaccines.

Mayor Blangiardi announced a new program taking effect on 13 SEP, known as "Safe Access O'ahu". The program will require customers wishing to enter businesses such as restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters, museums, arcades & more to show proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result taken within the previous 48 hours in order to enter the establishment. Children under 12 years old are exempt.

The program will currently run for 60 days.


I told my wife I was going to buy one of those thermometer guns that restaurants and shops use to check your temp before entering because every time someone points one at me I want to do the same.

Could not find any in the local shops. My Keeper asked a pharmacist if they had any in stock and he said no, they stopped carrying them because they were inaccurate.

I still want one.

I have actually asked restaurant staff to verify their temp in front of me. The looks I get are priceless.

Because we know the jabs do not prevent contraction of the virus, when companies require those that refuse to be vaccinated to take a PCR or other test every other day, once a week, etc., we should be very vocal and push back that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should be required to take the same tests on the same frequency. This is required to travel to the US and other countries regardless of vaccination status.

Continued Restrictions for Travel to Japan

Travelers arriving from certain areas may be required to quarantine for a period in a government-designated location. The list of areas in the United States from which travelers to Japan must comply with a mandatory three-day quarantine at the Government of Japan’s designated facilities continues to change but are currently as indicated below.

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COVID-19 Testing for Travel to the United States

All air travelers, including U.S. citizens, to the United States are required to show a negative COVID-19 test taken within three days prior to boarding their flights.

Being fully vaccinated for COVID-19 does not exempt travelers from the requirement to receive a negative PCR test no more than three days before boarding a flight to the United States.


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