GraceLife Church, the Alberta church which made headlines for defying provincial pandemic-related lockdown orders, is being blocked off by police using roadblocks and fencing to prevent worshippers from reaching the building.

@Evenkeeld man, if only you hadn't given up your guns so easily, the police might respect your rights.

@unspinthespin @Evenkeeld

Is that the place were the priest was yelling to the police to get out and not return without a warrant?

From the most recent NoAgenda episode.


😂 What a bunch of butt hurt fuck babies

That short stack from the health dept probably ordered the fencing and road blocks.

"TASTE THE SCIENCE! NAMASTE SKY WZARD LOVERS!" 😡 - Karen Karensdottir, Alberta Public Health


They are displaying that they know people don’t believe or respect them and faith in the system is eroding. They will need to escalate as more and more display this and the reaction will feed back into fewer. And they know it.


To every action, there is a reaction. If they are illegally blocking-it, they will have to pay for it, be sued. Such orders and actions violate the constitutional rights to come and go and the right to life, liberty, property. No government can mandate forced closures for a pandemic that does not exist and for an emergency which is just made-up. I see some powerful lawyers going to help the church and sue the government, as is taking place with the German lawyers filling in the ICJ at the Hague for crimes against humanity.

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