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Every time Pop updates this set of changes to goes away. Very annoying. Since I'm a linus hacker I just deal tho.

config file location:


Section to enable and change:

["session.suspend-timeout-seconds"] = 0, -- 0 disables suspend

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The proliferation of fake jobs - university administration, HR departments, diversity consultants - is nefarious not only b/c of the economic drain it imposes on institutions. It’s also that such folks exist to waste the time of people who might really accomplish something.

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Ben has been a long time listen of mine. Interesting turn on plant meds and witchcraft. Cernovich linked this article of his.

TLDR, plants to get high are witchcraft.

Dear child is asking for “burns” to drop on her classmates.

I declined. Why? She asked.

I can tell you things that you’d repeat to some kid and the cops would be called.

Nobody in my house watches the TV but they all ensure you can hear it in the yard.

Nordstream Pipeline damage map with Obi wan saying “These blast points…too accurate for natural damage….only imperial homosexuals are so precise”

None of the Floridamans I know are crying about the storm. Just non Floridamans.

We've heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could produce the complete works of Shakespeare; now, thanks to the Internet, we know that is not true.

- Robert Wilensky

Snake Bros had a test to pass to get into their stuff before NAS.


To all the followers of my account on here (NAS) and
You have 24h to remove any Ukrainian flag 🇺🇦 from your profile or you will be blocked.
Thanks for your attention and have a lovely evening.

What TikTok fad will be cooked up for the American retards to post that shows they feel bad for freezing Europeans? Dancing nurses are played out.

Police officers are no longer required to respond to some calls in New Orleans, nor do they have to respond to , , lost animals, and some car calls. The new civilian force can handle these situations and they are aiming to hire 50 to 75 individuals.

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The civilians who will be hired will not need any or certificates to begin the administrative and light work. They will need to pass a background check and take a short session.

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The department relaxed its hiring criteria for cops concerning applicants' scores and history of using .

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NOPD lost over 150 officers in just the last year. Superintendent Ferguson said, "My message to you, to those of you may have been disqualified in the past, I'm urging you to resubmit your application because some of our hiring criteria has changed."

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Eyepatch McCain: Hey Evan, you and the bois busy?

Evan Hafer: Not really just digging out from shitting on that Kyle kid.

EM: I have a "construction" job, underwater.

EH: Cool, let's go.

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