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Anyone in the No Agenda fam have a great social media manager ? I am in need of help with growing out my podcast. www.backfromthefutureshow.com

Smoking hot wife is down the Out of Shadows documentary rabbit hole. Galaxy Brain intensifies.

My real hope is the school system implodes and real votech comes back hard.

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I'm of two minds on school opening. The decree from one side to open will shake awake the ones still in fear and their anxiety will ease and they'll get back to production. The other is to keep the fear/control in place using the kids as leverage for the non producers to keep not producing or being active parents.

What do I pay to have my daughter's birthday read on the NA Show? She wants a couple of jingles and a happy birthday. I now 50 gets your name read.

I'm sure this Ground News app is owned by the debil but flipping articles to see the l/r bias is cool. Seems The Hill is consistently center.

Those poor children in that container in Beirut....

In a lot of ways this year has shown the system we live under in a beautiful light. To see the states be left to their own shows the overreach of the feds and highlights all they've gotten wrong.

School is gonna be a total shitshow this year.

Anyone got a legit news update on the China dam?

I'm an intern at No Agenda but I parked in the CEO parking today and walked into the building. I went straight up to @adam and demanded he do @Grimericano @Gramerica show.

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Was really bummed when I tried to find Overcast on the Android App Store thingie and it's not there. Anyone know of an alternative that can help facilitate clips? Trying to hit some folks in the mouth.

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People who know me, REALLY know me....

Someone sent me this this morning: youtu.be/mXdT53CA-RA

All I could think of was @Johncdvorak trolling @adam...


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