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I see people asking for Steam handles on here. I took the liberty (gasp) of creating a group. If you want to join feel free. If you want admin ask.

Moe on Hotep said something in the vein of and related to current events, which he didn’t address in his latest podcast, on the capitol riot.

Essentially momma is about to spank all of us even if you didn’t do anything.

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@shebang Amen, sista! Shit I'm 33 and I know for a fact that I don't know shit still!


Anyone got leads on a tablet to degoogle?

My wife, a total normie, Q is just a letter person, comes home from work asking if the army is taking over the country tomorrow. Says everyone is talking about it. I had to ask if "everyone talking" was meatspace or the fakebag terrorists. Meatspace was the answer.

NA Shop idea. A shiny bullet with an inscription on the casing that reads...

End Of Show

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Remember, Dimension B isn’t just a liberal thing

I need a break from internet. Give me a show or movie to watch.

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Are we seeing a Junta?

Definition of junta
1: a council or committee for political or governmental purposes
especially : a group of persons controlling a government especially after a revolutionary seizure of power

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Somebody posted a movie scene a couple weeks ago about "zips in the wire" and my dumbass had to play it and then had to explain it to my kid. Without a doubt my 40000 foot view of Platoon to a 9 year old is flawed.

One awesome thing about NAS is the absence of those dumb Sponge Bob memes.

Since rock concerts are extinct now, there are two groups of people.

Those that have seen the drummer from Def Leppard live and those who have not.

That fella exudes joy.

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Is there a list of documents that Trump has declassified? Especially in the last few days?

You're still in a cutscene. Quick time event in 1-3 days.

Press X to destroy the Republic.

Press Y to destroy the Republic with military control.

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With the recent push around here to move away from big tech platforms, I'm curious what you all use for search.

My favorite Searx instance recently went dark so I'm considering standing up my own instance. If I were to make it public facing, would there be any interest from the NA crowd in a search site that isn't tracking you for ad sales? If it gets traction maybe I'll other services if I can find things useful and easy enough for me to manage for ya'll.

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