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Nearly 5 million views on YT and not in trending?

Kanye says "they killin yo daddies."

It's true.

Kanye called out the Abortion Culture and the number of deaths it causes being more than Covid. Outside of the heads up their own asses conservatives no one really talks about that.

Kanye said the anti depressants killed God for him, that is very powerful.

Man, Kanye on JRE. He rambles but he's one of us.

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If we want to combat Chinese influence and dominance we must first mentally succumb to their will and way and then we must become them

- Reddit

One full day of Manjaro. Only minor fuckery. PC would not wake up to desktop but servers were still serving.

Since we know the pcr test for rona is bullshit what about the antibody test?

Dumped Win 10 and loaded Manjaro up, runs very nice. Now if my Emby server stands up across reboots......

Good line of stuff is code for good line of bullshit.

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Good call on the state control of minimum wage, Trump!

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