I think I'm taking a legit day off tomorrow, not even working from home.

Seems like a well placed Russian EMP is due.

My 8 year old and her buddy are eating giant bowls of mac and cheese saying they are on "the keto" diet.

I'm no lawyer but seems like changing the charges is a sure way to let the guy go. Sort of forces three cases to be tried at once, the original charge, why it changed, and now why to convict.

Texts from local circle of meat ships all reference civil war looming. These are not hard left or right types.

State unemployment systems are being hit hard with fake claims. My job has me defending our system from being the point of failure. Trying to explain this to local alderman is a task for sure.

Oh boy the hashtag on bird site is glorious. They filled in the list of who to lock up with no trouble.

Over unders on three to four cat 5 hurricanes direct hitting US cities this year?

The 2020 movie Arkansas has a pretty killer soundtrack. I'm not a huge Flaming Lips fan but they did great here.


Cordcutters may find this site useful, lots of local newsfeeds.


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