The Ring Doorbell Hack song was hysterical!!!

Watch "The Point: Russia opens huge natural gas pipeline linking China" on YouTube

I swear Trump could screw up a sunny day. He's turned a presser conference that he should have been able to take a victory lap into him gloating about his entry ban from certain countries.

I was listening to the scanner traffic in Dallas last night. Scary. It was interesting that dispatch lost track of a lot of assets and spent a lot of time trying to figure out where everyone was. I guess that's just the nature of a disaster.

Did anyone watch the Chernobyl mini-series? Wow. Just amazing.

Seattle Update. Had great fresh salmon. Saw a guy prepping heroin. That was new.

Seattle update. Absolutely beautiful city. More aggressive homeless than I have seen in my entire life. It is astonishing. I think I'm finally getting what it is like when @adam talks about Auston or @Johncdvorak talks about the Bay area.

Going to Seattle next week. Any suggestions?

CNN is often on at my work. I cant believe how any Chantix commercials there are. Wow!

Two things...

1) does anyone know the name of the "talking cat" youtube channel. I did some searching but couldn't it.

2) where can I get a copy of that accidental suicide commercial. That was fantastic.

CNN is not reporting that Epstein is dead.

Sure. <sarcasm> Either he's flipped and this is cover up so he can turn state's evidence or he's been whacked.

Adam just mentioned the federated timeline. Just clicked over to see what was there.
That's a whole lotta gay porn over there....

So...question for the the guys named Ben...or anyone really.

I've been a Windows guy since my 286/12. I've always wanted to try a Mac. Costco is having a sale on the MacBook Air. Do you think I'd like it or be disappointed?

Watching fox. Some people are coming unglued right now.

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