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@adam @Johncdvorak mentioned you have a Zoom recorder. I'm a big fan of H4n. What do you use? What do you use it for?

My buddy and I have talked about starting a podcast for a while. What does everyone recommend for hosting and recording? I'm interested in the technical side.

@adam @Johncdvorak Loved hearing you guys talk about BBS's. That was a great era, even if it only lasted for a year or so.

I remember playing Trade Wars in high school. The text game. All the chicks loved a guy that was good at text based games...uh...I might be remembering that wrong.

The military used to sell 1 use only rocket launchers to be sold as surplus and people would buy them for decoration. Looks like Maryland is buying them back.


Pepe the Green faced Fascist should be a Holiday Classic.

@adam @Johncdvorak Guys, still finishing Thursday's show. Your definition of Bump Stocks was spot-on. Media getting the basics on guns wrong drives me nuts. You guys nailed it. Great job.

The lessons in Aussie pronouncation was hysterical. That was great. Love the song.

Apparently going into exile lasts about 6 months. Paramount Network has started show the old Roseanne Show again.

Does anyone know anything about NordVPN or have a VPN they would recommend?

What was the HF digital mode that @adam mentioned yesterday?

Does anyone have any details on Wil Wheaton getting kicked off of Mastadon?

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It has been a while. Anyone new I should follow?

I live in Chicago. Scooters don't really exist here. Thank God for the Midwest. We have a low tolerance for douche-bags.

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