The search feature at No Agenda ShowNotes seems to be broken. (Or, I'm doing it wrong.) I seem to recall John mention Justin Frankel at some point. I'd like to find that. Any suggestions? (I might be wrong on that point as well.)

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Podcast question for the Dudes Named Ben and the Dudettes Named Bernadette. I'm interviewing Justin Frankel from Cockos on my podcast. He created WinAmp back in the day and sold it to AOL. He helped make Gnutella and now makes a music recording software named Reaper.

What questions would you ask him? What perspective can I pull out of him that others might not have? (I think I heard @Johncdvorak mention him once.)

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Saw this last week a the grocery store. Does anyone else think this is wierd and kinda...disturbing?

Had a neat episode this week. An interview with a retired London Metro Police Officer and dog handler. She then adopted a police dog that was seriously injured in the line of duty. A suspect tried to run the dog over and nearly killed it. It lost a leg but lived. She has now turned it into a therapy dog for people that have visible and invisible injuries.

Neat show.

Not that I'm pimping my own podcast, of course.

Did @Grimerica get tossed off twitter? (If that's old news, I apologize.)

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My episode with Bill Champlin from the band Chicago finally came out. Neat guy and fun interview, but I can't believe how many people have never heard of Chicago. They don't know what they're missing.

So...are we upset the market is being manipulated...or are upset that the wrong people are manipulating the market? Seems like that is a reasonable distinction.

Always nice to see quality control is a thing. This was at my local guitar center.

I'm feeling old. I interviewed one of the (former) members of the band Chicago for my upcoming podcast episode . I told a couple people I know and none of them had heard of the band. I'm only 46 but that made me feel really old.

Cool dude tho...

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Did Bon Jovi's set look like a pharmaceutical ad?

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Screw offing Hitler, if I had a one shot time jump I'd take out the fool who decided to call podcasts "pod(s)". Slap them silly!

Oh, and I called it a 'pod because it irritates someone that shall remain nameless.

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