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Watched Hillbilly Elegy. Actors were great. Scripts make movies better. You're much more likely to win an Oscar if it doesn't look like you're trying. Book was MUCH better.

Twitter is a frigging cesspool. Can Americans all come together on that sentiment?

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My new episode is out today. It is an interview with Todd Pipes from the band Deep Blue Something. Remember the song Breakfast at Tiffany's? (I know you do)

We mostly talk about his label experience and what is different today. They were on Interscope Records and when the label changed ownership, they got screwed. He is a neat guy. Check it out if you're interested.

www.ptmbi.net or search for People That Might Be Interesting on your favorite app.


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Antifa Map
"For the last two months, we've been wardriving antifa rioters, letting them associate with mobile honeypots to access internet, so we could look at their traffic."


Biden is speaking like he knows what he's talking about on the ACA right now. Sounds like the old Biden.


Ok, can I score a (un)biased opinion? I've got people that like my intro-music and people that don't. I'm torn. I'm trying to do a good job so I'm a little sensitive to the people that don't like it. Can I get you to listen to the first few seconds and tell me if it sucks or if it is ok?



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Good evening. I'm starting a podcast. I'm trying to suck less. I'm not suggesting I'll stop sucking. I'd just like to suck less.


If anyone could take a listen and shoot me some tips, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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Ok, quick podcasting question. I'm starting a podcast. (I tried a COVID podcast but gov'ts don't like to complete FOIA's so it foundered.)

Recorded my 1st interview. Kinda excited. Recorded it as a multitrack file to adjust levels, but that seems like more work than is necessary and not materially better. What are the recommendations? Using Rode Podcaster.

It is called People That Might Be Interesting and while listed, the 1st real interview won't hit for a few days.

The VMA's make me feel really old. How do they even make money making music any more?

Golden showers? Again? I feel like we're being punked.

Ok, I'm not trying to promote my podcast...although I'm not above dropping a link below...however, these alternate care centers are amazing.

How many are there? I can't find out. At least 17 but it may be as many as 34.

How many of them even opened? Maybe 5 opened and at least 2 are closed already. Tons of articles on construction. Very few stories of the centers closing.


Ok...I'm starting my hand at podcasting. I guarantee you that I will be no competition to Adam and John. In fact, I think I will be a testament to their professionalism and expertise.

A podcast on wasteful gov't spending related to the COVID. Trying to be a good student of gov't here, but there is nothing like a good emergency to bring out the worst in people. Gov't is no different.

COVID Waste Podcast.


If you check it out. Tell me where I suck. Thanks.

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