Cheating bigger isn't the answer.

We need to take the house and the Senate in 2022. Both of these task look doable.

Biden won't be able too do anything. Not that he has accomplished anything now. He hasn't.

Then take the White House in 2024 along with a bigger lead in the Senate, and we pass national election security laws that bans ballot harvesting, bans mail-in-voting, requires voter ID, and restricts the election to one day.

Boom. Problem fixed.

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Dems are going to have their asses handed to them in both the House and the Senate.

They don't have any viable candidates left to run in 2024.

Biden is already basically dead. Harris is useless now and a fucking disaster when she campaigns. She was getting destroyed in her own state in 20 and that won't change.

There is no else for them to run.

And they are losing their ability to cheat, month by month, day by day.

We can do this.

Barrett M82A1:

Caliber: 50 BMG
Model: M82A1
Stock Finish: Flat Dark Earth
Action: Semi-auto
Barrel Length Range: 29"
Sights: Flip Up Iron Rear
Capacity: 10+1
Muzzle: Double Chamber Brake
Grips: Black Polymer
Hand: Right
Overall Length: 57"
Receiver Finish: Flat Dark Earth Cerakote
Receiver Material: Metal
Safety: Lever
Stock Finish Group: Brown
Stock Material: Synthetic
Trigger: Standard
Twist: 1:15"
Weight: 32.72 Lbs
Barrel Description: Fluted
Barrel Finish: Black Phosphate
Barrel Length: 29"

Glenn Greenwald:

"The indictment of Hillary's lawyer in connection with propagating a fake Russiagate story that many corporate journalists spread sheds very bright light onto the seedy underbelly of the DNC/media axis.

And that's why they're almost all ignoring it, hoping it goes away:"


And if set over 35 cycles it could find anything in anybody.. He also said that Dr Fauci was a liar and would lie to your face. All the tests in the U.S. are set over 35 cycles. The NIH ( Fauci ) sent a letter to doctors telling them to turn the cycle down to 25 if the person being checked has already received the vaxxx. The bastards are manufacturing fake numbers.



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Just look up the John Hopkins study.. Thirty years of clinical trials prove masks in no way prevent viral transmission- MIT " Wearing masks and social distancing is akin to a medical talisman." - the New England Medical Journal, March 2020. Anyone telling you to put a mask on is either your enemy or too ignorant to hold any position of authority. Dr Kary Mullis, the Nobel prize laureate inventor of the PCR test said that the PCR test was not a diagnostic tool.


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Comment to a video on BitChute:

These rotton jews have declared war against white Europeans. It's the Kalergi plan . Get the jew first. There never was a pandemic in the first place. It's been a normal cold and flu season.India has one of the lowest vaxxx rates and the lowest death rate . Israel has one of the highest vaxxxx rate and one of the highest death rates.


This is great. Wish more turned out to protest.

"We don't want you!... Trump won!" - Pelosi heckled in North of England rumble.com/vmol1p-we-dont-want

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