@JimmyWalnuts That's what I thought too. The wording is as if even auto drive won't work. Lame.

CBS Evening - anchor Adriana Diaz - building blast -thought was terrorism (22sec)

ABC ATM - anchor Rhiannon Ally - medical terrorist -IV spiking (26sec)

ABC ATM - anchor Andrew Dymburt - NTSB breathalyzer in cars (17sec)

CBS Evening - anchor Ed O'Keefe - trump Qanon music & salute (23sec)

ABC WNT - anchor Steve Osunsami - doctor spiking IV bags (1min30sec)

CBS Weekend - anchor Adriana Diaz - mexican independence chicago (22sec)

@CoffeeFingers We have white egrets where I live. When I bush hog the field lots will begin to show up and search for bugs in the fresh mowed grass.

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