Batman Animated Series - hallucinating wildly due to a massive fear reaction in the amygdala of his brain (53sec)

Face the Nation - anchor Margaret Brennan - Deborah Birx new american strain - nodal escape - no sequencing data to support (1min52sec)

ABC America This Morning - anchor Kenneth Moton - covid numbers in decline - biden relief package - vaccination plan not going well (1min52sec)

CNN - anchor Chris Cuomo (2) - senate making deals is a problem (45sec)

CNN - anchor Chris Cuomo (1) - worst to burst - retrumplicans (35sec)

America This Morning - anchor Megan Tevrizian - carjacker threatens to call police on mother who left son in car (1min14sec)

Duff McKagan of Guns N Roses - this week in history Jan 15th first top hat worn in public (1min59sec)

CNN - Nancy Pelosi emotional about assault on this temple to democracy (27sec)

ABC America This Morning - anchor Mona Kosar Abdi - Dr. Patel congressman gets covid even after recieving both doses of vaccine (34sec)

NBC Nightly News - anchor Jeff Bennett - bidens vaccine plan - Biden manage the hell out of this (27sec)

NBC Nightly News - anchor Peter Alexander - Trump response to his speech causing riot Schumer condemns response (46sec)

ABC This Week (Sunday) - anchor George Stephanopoulus - AOC not only impeach but complete barring from ever holding office (48sec)

ABC America This Morning - anchor Will Ganss - man locked out of bitcoin account worth 200 million dollars - 20% of all bitcoin in stranded wallets (1min38sec)

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