I do not see what is wrong about killing Lincoln, JFK, and MLK.

They were proto-Communists.

@dew_the_dew @Effortless

True, but I think there's a lesson here: do not kill your opposition, since they will be made martyrs, but simply repatriate them to Venezuela.

@amerika @Effortless killing Lincoln wasn't a bad thing given the tyrant that he was the shame is that Grant was an also taken out. the Confederacy was not a bad thing the civil war was not fought over slavery.

@bstirling @Effortless

I agree. The Civil War was about Northern Industry and its immigration-driven political machines (the proto-Swamp) taking over America.

@bstirling @Effortless

I am not a big fan of slavery, being more of a feudalism aficionado, but I think history proved the Confederates right about diversity.

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