The aphorism "You vote your way into Communism but you have to shoot your way out" couldn't possibly be more on display than at this current time.

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On the other hand, none of the FPS games I've played recently are going to be half as intense as sending Commies to purgatory with a 7.62mm


There is a cost-benefit relationship that describes HOW MUCH MORE shooting we'll need to do the longer we put it off.


And how much is lost in the meantime. Malthus got it right IMHO: only apocalypse wakes the sleeping human beast.

Absolutely true. We need to start now and shut their flights down first. Tactically remove each of them one by one without alarming the rest.

@DeezMistaReez @Effortless

If the Right regains power and removes:

* Entitlements
* Affirmative action
* 14A

...almost everything will be solved, at least for this stage in the game.

Defunded commies go find somewhere else to parasitize.

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