Bwahahaha! That's beautiful. 😂
I loved how it ends: "I created Dilbert."
Slow clap.

Don't we already have the documents that prove they did as well as the motive to obtain emergency use auth?
@dew_the_dew @Effortless Yes, which means the guy is wrong.
They weren't competent enough, and I doubt anyone thought they were.
The average Joe Normie is dumb as fuck, but let's not forget that these organizations are also full of equally stupid, and sometimes dumber, diversity hire Karen Normies.

It was bound to fall apart eventually.

@Effortless that guy needs to shut the f*** up.. he was penning comics about the vaccine last year, and should not be trusted with a moldy donught or a moment of your time.

@Effortless all u have to do is look his the modern medical system came to be.
Rockefellers. Imagine not knowing there's 70 studies concluded effective on ivermectin on respiratory viruses.

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