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I've seen enough new users onboarding since my last missive I can share this again.

@Klaatu made a sharemarklet for browser users to have a handy share dialog window that grabs the page title and url for whatever page you're viewing. It's a fly-over toot box you can use.

D/l this .txt file, open it, select ALL text AS IS, go to your browser, create a new bookmark, edit it, PASTE into the target/link/url field, NAME IT and save. Mine's on the far left of my bookmark bar

@Effortless the fact that nearly 10% of Americans feel they could defeat an elephant in hand to hand combat makes me proud. I'm not sure how one would even begin to go about such a thing, but I have to appreciate that level of confidence

The outgoing Italian prime minister prepares to leave on his own terms:

Damn GTA is becoming more and more realistic.

Chicago: An older man riding the Red Line was robbed by two black males before being hit on the head with a bottle. He bleeds profusely..


Say, I think I see a white supremacist in every police car. Maybe I should contact National Security and give them the license plate numbers.

@Effortless "Don't make me be a democrat!! (as if you weren't the whole time) I really mean it this time. Not like the last 37 times."

NEW: @TxDPS stopped 19 illegal immigrants from being smuggled out of McAllen, TX on an airplane destined for Houston yesterday. A concerned citizen told DPS they saw 3 unknown cars dropping people off at the airport. DPS grounded the plane. Passengers all from Central America.

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