Replacing all "hello world!" suggestions with "cowabunga!" in my dev tutorials.

@Economic_Hitman hmmmm I don't know anything about foos or bars, at least as relates to code lol


A true Chad 🇹🇩 replaces them with the names of admirals of the Reich.

@CSB @Economic_Hitman

Mine either, I named mine after various prominent shipwrecks.

@CSB @Economic_Hitman

@CSB @SirSpencer @Economic_Hitman Military acronym FUBAR; Fucked Up Beyond All Repair. In the 80's on the Commodore 64 there as a pirate import/crack group called FBR; Fucked Beyond Repair.

@blitzed @SirSpencer @Economic_Hitman yes and no

as "foobar" is spelled differently than FUBAR and "foo" and "bar" are used separately as variable name

but generally: yes, that's the origin

I've always remembered it as Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition, no idea what's canonical
@CSB @SirSpencer @Economic_Hitman

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