I meant to post this a few months ago. At the end of the last semester at my school, UHD, I took a survey to measure the "Campus Climate", which was supposed to gauge how much "hate" and sexual harassment is going on. I can tell you that at this small, 3rd tier commuter school, it's very boring, certainly not a rape-infested school for the KKK. Anyway, here is the first set (1/?) of screenshots I took with some of my commentary.

@Economic_Hitman where is the checkbox for “I don’t believe in gender”?

@Economic_Hitman I hate that shit about government job applications.

I can click all the privilege boxes, except for disability.


They gotta meet that quota.

I heard my dad talking about how he's trying to increase the diversity in the geology department at his oil & gas firm and I'm thinking "that's the artificial constraint I will have to deal with when I go on interviews..."

@Economic_Hitman It didn't go so well when I said I'm Transnegro.

I was rejected for "internalizing colonialist ideas".

@Economic_Hitman I don't need another black woman throwing a chair at me for saying that!

@Economic_Hitman @OVDB Don't forget about that good ol' American "one drop" rule... it used to be used by racists to ostracize the "impure", but is now being taken up by people seeking an "Identity."

You just have to COMMIT to it fully.

@Economic_Hitman @OVDB I tried to claim "pheomelenin" identity (red head), but unfortunately, some people refuse to grant me victim status for my hair color and can only judge by the color of skin and use of my dangly bits.

@Economic_Hitman The first question should be "Do you identify as white?"
And if you select yes the survey closes and thanks you for participating.
"Sorry but at this time we are not interested in your feedback."

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