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I meant to post this a few months ago. At the end of the last semester at my school, UHD, I took a survey to measure the "Campus Climate", which was supposed to gauge how much "hate" and sexual harassment is going on. I can tell you that at this small, 3rd tier commuter school, it's very boring, certainly not a rape-infested school for the KKK. Anyway, here is the first set (1/?) of screenshots I took with some of my commentary.

E-cigarette maker Juul Labs will slash spending by nearly $1 billion and cut around 650 jobs as its new CEO tries to fix the company’s battered public image and shrinking valuation. More here 


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Eric Ciaramella
Eric Ciaramella
Eric Ciaramella
He even has CIA in his name!

Facebook is taking down any mention of the purported whistle-blower’s name, regardless of the source 

Implicit Association Test

Nothing but phrenology. Not only has psychology studies not been able to be replicated now they are using psychology surveys like this to show if a person has an implicit bias - telling a person that they are a bigot without consciously knowing it.

I saw an article earlier scathing the concept that I meant to post. Does anyone have a link or copy? A google/bing search on the topic is depressing.

Measurement processes can be separated into an entangling interaction between the system and a meter and a subsequent readout of the meter state that does not involve any further interactions with the system. In the interval between these two stages, the system and the meter are in an entangled state that encodes all possible effects of the readout in the form of non-local quantum correlations between the system and the meter. Here, we show that the entanglement generated in the system–meter interaction expresses a fundamental relation between the amount of decoherence and the conditional probabilities that describe the resolution of the measurement. Specifically, the entanglement generated by the measurement interaction correlates both the target observable and the back-action effects on the system with sets of non-commuting physical properties in the meter. The choice of readout in the meter determines the trade-off between irreversible decoherence and measurement information by steering the system into a corresponding set of conditional output states. The Hilbert space algebra of entanglement ensures that the irreversible part of the decoherence is exactly equal to the Hellinger distance describing the resolution achieved in the measurement. We can thus demonstrate that the trade-off between measurement resolution and back-action is a fundamental property of the entanglement generated in measurement interactions

This makes me FAR less likely to vote President Trump in for a 2nd term, and I was on the fence anyway, considering Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard:

Can someone help me find the newer video that Jennifer Buchanan made of the "Nothing but a Dame" song?

I found the link to the first No Agenda video but on her Vimeo profile it doesn't list any videos.

You can only use this insult today:

"Nice costume, bro! What are you going for, a zombie? Looks hideous."

Need a reminder that these people are dead inside?

/gif/ - Pornstar confessions, fucked up stuff they say on set - Adult GIF - 4chan

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This is my daughter's cut from a class action suit.

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7:22 AM - 29 Oct 2019

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New Head of Female Genital Mutilation, brother Hasan al-HaveThatClitOffInAJiffy, take practicing his role very seriously

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12:34 PM - 29 Oct 2019

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"...and Corn Pop was a bad dude. And he ran a bad group of boys."

"Using too many zip-lock storage bags. Trying to stop. "

"I worked in the oil industry and made a lot of money, I still make a lot money in oil stocks. I love my money."

"I'm often too lazy to rinse out recyclables, so I toss them in the regular trash. "

"Share your anonymous climate confession with NBC News."

Some of them are hilarious:

"shops should be made to sell loose goods and people should bring their own containers"

"governments should advertise job swaps so people can be nearer to their place of work...."


An actual far-leftist, Mike Parenti, discusses how Sanders was already a sellout to the MIC in the 1990s.

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