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People trust my taste in electronic music🎵

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Episodes like this one are the reason I still listen, and am the Baron of,
Congressional Dish

> While the focus of the world has been on the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress has been busy preparing a war authorization for the incoming Joe Biden administration. In this episode, we examine the advice given to Congress in nine recent hearings to learn which countries are on the World Trade System naughty list, as Jen prepares to read the NDAA that’s soon to become law.

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2) So I asked my wife, "I know that we are both hoping and expecting for the best. But can we talk about the worst?" And we did. We talked about what some of our feelings would be. We talked about the traps that we might fall into because of emotions and our different personalities. We talked about some strategies for how to handle it. We talked about the kids. And it felt good to acknowledge the worst and plan for it.

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people you made friends with: you're cool

family: you're awkward, we don't approve, why can't you be better

I'm not afraid of being sick. I'm afraid of _getting_ sick.

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And yet I refuse to stop going to martial arts class or the gun range, both places where no one does social distracting or wears masks. But in the back of my head I can't help thinking about getting Covid.

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But I'm tired of anxiety whenever I start to feel a little bit abnormal and I become a hypochondriac, looking for symptoms.

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I don't watch TV anyway so I would turn to Reddit for news probably, so I'd get sucked in to it too. So I'm thankful to No Agend a for keeping me updated while not buying into the scams.

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If I didn't listen to No Agenda I wouldn't be able to sympathize with how indoctrinated my parents and family are by the media. It helps me understand why they are so afraid.

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I appreciate the No Agenda Show for showing me how the M5M is causing mass hysteria over Covid19, but the show's mainstream Covid clips rub off on me and give me anxiety, despite that we listen to the news media through a critical filter.

I had someone tell me to put a mask on outside for the first time! It was an older gentleman standing on a corner, with his mask on. I take a path that has little to no people on it. And today, this one and only person asked where my mask was. I pull it out of my pocket, show him, and keep walking. He tells me to put it on. I tell him I'm 6 feet away and there's no one around. Tells me it's the law. I tell him it's not. I don't stop walking whatsoever.

You ain't my boss or anyone important.

Oh hey, Ellen is interviewing a child actor.

Parents who let their young children become nationally famous actors are:

@dude @amerika @p You're talking about the FB/Twitter take downs I take it? (Few organized on Parler). TheDonald is still up.

I also think the Jan 6th thing was completely overblown. There is so much conflicting info. Some people were let in, others were breaking in -- the ones who broke in didn't even hear Trump because they were climbing the walls while he was still speaking. Less than 1/100 or 1/1000 of those people went in. Many were not even rioting and didn't think they had done anything wrong.

There is also something incredibly beautiful about the villagers entering the royal courts and the town idiot at the desk on the hand of the king.

Democratic leaders encouraged violence for months as their supporters burned police stations, looted countless businesses and gang violence rose in all these communities. Then they were suddenly horrified when the peasants entered their royal halls in their sacred temple.

Biden's "ask" of people to wear mask for 100 days will be accompanied by a Law.

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