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"Judicial principle"? LOL

The great thing about most NA producers to me is that we're too skeptical to simply agree with each other, but we're jaded enough not to take things too seriously. Otherwise you get attached to an ideology.

I've had several disagreements with other people on NAS, and I'm very glad we keep each other in check instead of being in a group-think hive-mind.
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Only a fantastic iPhone game like Mancala World will make you giggle with glee this way:

Check out what is making everyone giggle here below!

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It's a game for iPhone called Mancala World!

Play online with your friends or vs the computer, as shown below.

Thanks for helping me test my first iPhone app! Share with your friends, please!

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Nasoshnik is a Polish electronic music producer I have followed for several years on SoundCloud. He's another unknown gem. His music is not just unique, but alien. He creates cool, dark atmospheres, and uses good bass lines, weird samples and nature-inspired lyrics (usually in Polish, sometimes translated to English) to draw you into his mysterious world.

He let me re-post one of my favorite tracks he has made, which was translated and performed by Cymru Roberts.

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I slaved over this animated jiff for almost 4hrs! Please enjoy.

And while you're at it, please download TestFlight and follow the link below to help me test my new iPhone app, Mancala World! An ancient game played with beads and holes.

This guy was silenced by Julie Gerberding, the director of CDC under G. W. Bush, for revealing that CDC falsified data on the safety of the MMR vaccine.

>CDC Whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson’s, public statement

The view from above the English Channel as the Allied invasion armada steams for Normandy.

British Airborne past and present swap war stories just a few feet from Pegasus Bridge. Normandy, France, June 6, 2018.

>Corporate Activism Gets Its Day. Ben & Jerry’s Has Been At It For Decades. - WSJ

>The company this year started encouraging franchisees running Scoop Shops to designate—and pay—a staffer to shepherd in-store activism. These “changemakers”—many earning far above minimum wage—are deployed in 90 of Ben & Jerry’s 250 U.S. parlors.

The real race war is in the comments section of this article:

>Why HTML is Not a Programming Language - Information Space

Re @PCribbett Rudy Havenstein, The Federal Reserve Is Violence: This @IMF paper is a good, frightening example of the extremes the inbred-econ cultists plan to go to screw you. Banning cash too hard? These very dangerous people have other plans.

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Origin of "Mah smoking hot wife"
Thanks @SecretAgentPaul !

2011 NASCAR Nashville Nationwide Pre Race Invocation by Pastor Joe Nelms

I also thought the Thinker was sitting on a toilet since that is where many ideas are conceived.

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My prediction for headlines in the US two weeks from now:
"On this Juneteenth, a day normally recognized as the day news of the Emancipation Proclamation was distributed, we reflect on how little has changed in America."

I learned here that some TLDs do not disclose registrant info. Some of them require the registrant to have a valid address in that country but it looks like .ovh does not and Wiki says "contact data is hidden."

As a US citizen, can I get a .ovh domain?
Are they really private by default?
Are there any other global TLDs that are private without additional cost?

Domain privacy - Wikipedia

Today is the Global Vaccine Summit (GAVI Fundraiser)GAVI was launched with $750 Million Seed Money From Gates FoundationToday They Lobby Govt's for $7.4B of YOUR Tax $Yes, $$$ is a major motivating factor behind this agenda...But is it the only motive? Share your thoughts World Health Organization (WHO): WHO welcomes funding commitments made at today’s #GVS2020, hosted virtually by the #UnitedKingdom government. The Summit is @gavi, the Vaccine Alliance’s third pledging conference and follows ..

Re If history was actually taught in schools, the Emancipation Proclomation would be remembered as one of the great political maneuvers of all time, which it was. Not as something that freed the slaves, which it didn’t.

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