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No matter how bad things are right now,
no matter what happens to my job,
I'm happy to be alive right now.

Because before this, everyone my age complained that life is pointless, and we had no real challenges.

Well now we do,
and we have a choice to make:

Stand up for ourselves
or let totalitarianism win.

What could be more awesome than that?

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People trust my taste in electronic music🎵

Follow my bot to hear everything I hear and like⬇️

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this song came from my feed on SoundCloud: ⬇️

for more cool electronic music go here: ⬇️

♬♫♪ ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ ♪♫♬

@augustus Bro I better not hear you shit-talking fugues and baroque repetition of overarching themes

@Moon i don't think the 90s would be better than now if you knew the future. I think we miss not knowing how clown things were going to get.

@duponin @Moon
> I’ve used it for 18months, it’s okay

an honest review of open sourced software

@CoffeeFingers I told an AI art generating bot to "imagine gummy nerds" and this is what it gave me

@fletcher A few of those faces, especially the one in the bottom left of the original AI image, look like they were lifted from Sifl 'n' Olly.

Maybe the AI DOES know too much...

@Binkle i hate what my supposed sense of humor has devolved into so much its unreal
@Nudhul yeah it is stupid sounding but its great. you can cook it in any liquid and it will absorb it. want beer couscous? you got it. gamer girl piss? you bet

@jazzilla gonna have a low social credit score when that gets linked to him

@JungersGhost "unarmed burglar"

How the fuck was the terrified homeowner supposed to know that? Not that it should even matter, you should 100% be allowed to kill burglars. If these robber scumbags don't like it, there's a very easy way to avoid getting killed like that, namely DON'T BREAK INTO SOMEBODY'S HOUSE TO ROB HIM!

Not to brag but my wife bought toothpaste because she thought it was almost empty and I squeezed out paste for two more months.

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