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No matter how bad things are right now,
no matter what happens to my job,
I'm happy to be alive right now.

Because before this, everyone my age complained that life is pointless, and we had no real challenges.

Well now we do,
and we have a choice to make:

Stand up for ourselves
or let totalitarianism win.

What could be more awesome than that?

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People trust my taste in electronic music🎵

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Episodes like this one are the reason I still listen, and am the Baron of,
Congressional Dish

> While the focus of the world has been on the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress has been busy preparing a war authorization for the incoming Joe Biden administration. In this episode, we examine the advice given to Congress in nine recent hearings to learn which countries are on the World Trade System naughty list, as Jen prepares to read the NDAA that’s soon to become law.

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There is a Ned Flanders themed Metal Band called "Okily-Dokily".

My life is now complete.

@pernia @ShinobuRespecter dont teach me bad things. i already had to look up jelq today

Scott Adams 

lol wut

did the dilbert douche have a meltdown on-screen
@Economic_Hitman @Xalef I did write something about it, but only ended up adding and

Tbh my use was pretty minimal I just wanted for people to be able to get into fedi the fastest way possible.
May not be the cleanest post but it's another option.

This made me giggle. Anyone here ever been to Slab City? What's it like?

I’ve been thinking lately, about maybe rebuilding Pleroma in WordPress. It has great plugins for caching. It’s efficient and flexible. And most importantly, all objects are in one table called “posts”. For ActivityPub support, it wouldn’t be a problem, you could just install a plugin for it. What do you think?

In 1985, the FBI approached Randy Weaver, a former Special Forces soldier in Viet Nam, and asked him to become an informant for the federal government. (The federals have over 12,000 paid informants nationwide, who's job it is to spy upon the American populace.) Weaver refused. He then filed an affidavit with his county recorder saying he feared for his life as a result of the refusal.

In August, of 1992, an eleven—day siege of the Weaver home in North Idaho began. A federal agent charged that Weaver had a shotgun with the barrel 1/4" too short. Weaver said it was a frame up for refusing to pimp for the government. Over 500 Federal personnel (federal marshals, FBI and ATF agents, US Army soldiers, some of whom had just returned from the killing fields in Iraq) surrounded the Weaver home; and above in the sky flew US Air Force planes and personnel. Included in the Federals on the ground were crack snipers, trained at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Their job was to kill Weaver. Weaver had vowed not to surrender to the Federals on the phony charges brought as punishment for refusing them.

Had a lovely time at The Centre for Computing History today 🤓. So many nerdy things to play with. Lots of historical items to ogle at and learn about. A properly nerdy place to visit.

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