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My first app has been accepted on the Apple App Store!

The link to the download page on the App Store is at the top of this page on my website:

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"Judicial principle"? LOL

The great thing about most NA producers to me is that we're too skeptical to simply agree with each other, but we're jaded enough not to take things too seriously. Otherwise you get attached to an ideology.

I've had several disagreements with other people on NAS, and I'm very glad we keep each other in check instead of being in a group-think hive-mind.
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Nasoshnik is a Polish electronic music producer I have followed for several years on SoundCloud. He's another unknown gem. His music is not just unique, but alien. He creates cool, dark atmospheres, and uses good bass lines, weird samples and nature-inspired lyrics (usually in Polish, sometimes translated to English) to draw you into his mysterious world.

He let me re-post one of my favorite tracks he has made, which was translated and performed by Cymru Roberts.

Workplace racism training videos like this one will keep you and your company from being sued.

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please tell me friday is going to be the same avatar w/sailor hat but with a missing arm, a joint in the hand thats left and a purple heart on

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USCG Birthday is over, but I'm keeping the hat on for one more day.

Get ready for Aug 7 Friday, Purple Heart Day!

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