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No matter how bad things are right now,
no matter what happens to my job,
I'm happy to be alive right now.

Because before this, everyone my age complained that life is pointless, and we had no real challenges.

Well now we do,
and we have a choice to make:

Stand up for ourselves
or let totalitarianism win.

What could be more awesome than that?

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People trust my taste in electronic music🎵

Follow my bot to hear everything I hear and like⬇️

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My friend thought this was TOTALLY okay!

'It's better to kill them (the poor) off than to let them breed.'

Phil Ochs - I Ain't Marching Anymore

"For I marched to the battles of the German trench
In a war that was bound to end all wars
Oh, I must have killed a million men
And now they want me back again
But I ain't marching anymore"

Attention: No Agenda Artist's & Art Lovers. This thread was created for us to share pieces that we worked on that never made it into the Art Generator. A community Artist thread for fun, time, treasure, talent & "lost" value. "The Gallery of Lost Value". Tante_Neel & I decided to create a thread post to share our pieces archived in our "NOT Submitted" 2022 folder that never made it to the Art Generator. (Let's do the last 6 months)

Database still kickin'. Sidekiq has just surpassed 2 billion processed jobs for NAS.

Now that's a Busy Sidekiq

Just a reminder …
Don’t encourage traffic through the front door of twitter.
Modify the url to use a nitter instance instead.
Fuck the bird site.

“Sea Cats”
Until the mid-twentieth century traveled on boats to take care of rats and rodents and had passports signed with their paw.

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