Scrolling through the TV guide, the BET awards is on 6 channels. WHY??!

@SirTruckDriver Just send yer cash

I hate how everyone just gets on a podcast or the M5M - I can't afford to send my kid to this cool thing. I don't have insurance to cover this - setup a gofuxxme and beg. No shame.

Great hard rock song about freedom from Hyro The Hero and AJ Channer of Fire From The Gods

Fake news all a bunch of fake news
Hashtags being used to influence you
Fake news all a bunch of fake news
We want the truth

This is the dog I will be fostering for the next few weeks at least. Some cunt left her collar on so long it had to be surgically removed. There's a special cell right next to the furnace in hell for people like this.

Another example of effing morons on Twitter. Eric has this dude call in who criticized him. Dude talks about bullying ad infinitum but responded with a post of a black kid dancing and calls Eric a coon. WARNING: your ears will bleed.

"I find it very interesting..."
"I answered that at the 8 minute mark"

Not involved but any legal professionals are more than welcome to have a field day... screw 'em.

Get the vaxx or get fired says Cle suburb.

Everybody always talks about 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, all the books...

Well I wanna talk about Metallica and political music! 🤘
Post songs and lyrics that are relevant to the current political paradigm.
Doesn't have to be metal, doesn't even have to be purely political, maybe even more philosophical or commentary 🤷‍♀️
Post good jams!

'For those wanting to force people to get an experimental vaccine... how about you come do it? No- you'll send the goons [the state] to go do it... when a gang does something like that, it's frowned upon. When the state strong-arms, well we just gotta do it.'

"My idea has been simple: go fuck yo self."

When did SiriusXM become the TRL for promoting new music?

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