*Sniff...sniff....sniff* C'mon man, I told you that I wanted the female staffers scent infused in this mask, not Nancy's....

Convo in my head:

Mask Wearer(MW): Why aren't you wearing a mask?
Me: Because I see no need based on data and I am not at risk.
MW: Well you may get someone else sick you must wear a mask.
Me: Are you pro choice?
MW: Yes, what does that have to do with it?
Me: My body, my choice, keep your "laws" off of my body.
MW: But my choice for abortion has no risk of killing someone else.
Me: waits.....
MW: Head explodes....

Could go for the mandatory vaccine as well. How off am I on this?

It is funny these days. I am not allowed to speak up with DATA and am perceived as extremist or triggered. So Data is no longer the new bacon, it is the new "carbon" and is evil.....

NA brain... I heard @adam reference that 30% of people who got the flu shot 2018/19 developed serious respiratory issues. Was there a source? Did I hear the years right? Was it a particular population like the elderly? My MiL developed serious pneumonia in the early spring last year and almost died. Her symptoms were eerily like SARS-2.

Today I saw something that brought me pure joy. Kids ay baseball practice. I actually clapped as I went by. Then it really hit me, There are people out there that were likely triggered and will call and complain. I truly believe what @adam and @Johncdvorak say about the LibJos and those all "feared up" they will never see the joy in things, only fear.

So wait help me here. H1N1 is influenza A? So the big H1N1 under Obama was 60k but it is just influenza A?

@CoffeeFingers @mwklein @sirphenom @jeremiah Weekly WI update.




42% of total deaths are in long term care

65% of the deaths are 70 or older

Under 39 yrs old 0%

so the wife was asking good questions like "what did we do for H1N1? Is it still around?" Then I chimed in with what about SARS? So I have a research project on my hands. What are the best sources for data? CDC/WHO?

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