Interesting turn there. Can’t imagine why people are hesitant 😕

@DrizzyJ Just so obnoxious for an older woman to be wearing during a gym class

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Saw a woman at my gym class wearing a shirt that read “Not a Republican, Just vaccinated”. Never mind that in the class of 12 men/women she was the most out of shape, oldest and least attractive.

Watch "Trump Speed Dating - Gilly and Keeves" on YouTube

I wonder what the Billenda Gates Foundation will be called now? And which IG model Bill got caught with

I need some No Agenda business cards to hand out

From the country that believed pollution would turn the world into a cannabalistic hellhole by the late 70s, end humanity with the Second Ice Age in the 80s, thought Reagan was going to blow up the world with nukes, Global Warming would put Manhattan under 40 feet of water by 2010, and Climate Change would fry us by 2020, comes COVID-19!

So I learned today that people who wear masks after getting the vax shot, do it for the peace of mind of others aka to fit in.

It’s literally not about science anymore. It’s moved into reassuring others.

Ugh, my woke coworker is trying to convince me to get the vaccine by saying he saw a diverse crowd (aka black and brown people) there also getting the shot.

Had to use the, “I’m letting others who need it more go ahead of me” line.

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