After living and working with a climate change death cult nihilist for four years. I take great pleasure in burning plastic and throwing recycling in the garbage can.

yep....the mark of a true pandemic...

is that late night hollywood ditchpigs need to run commericials about it...

sponsored by vax companies...

so you know its REAL


"There is, then, a politics of food that, like any politics, involves our freedom. We still (sometimes) remember that we cannot be free if our minds and voices are controlled by someone else. But we have neglected to understand that we cannot be free if our food and its sources are controlled by someone else. The condition of the passive consumer of food is not a democratic condition. One reason to eat responsibly is to live free."

Finally got my keeper @Corsica on no agenda social! Give her a follow.

I know I'll be using Krita, DaVinci Resolve, Blender, maybe GIMP, Photopea, Audacity, OBS, Shotcut, so I think I'll be pretty set there. Any other pieces of software I should know about I'd love to hear!

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Any of you use Linux for video editing? I feel like I should just switch to using Linux more. Lately I don't even really play games anymore. Mainly just watching C-Span & Government stuff. Pop_OS is what seems to be the best & easiest to deal with. I just don't like the whole side bar & whatever that window environment thing is, which I know I can change, just gotta figure it out. Any advice, tips, or stuff to remember?

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