It's rather rude for cashews to have so many carbs

4 years at the workplace that saved my life 🥰

Ngl, being able to make a millionaire platinum ass mad makes me happy.

I'm a dick 🤷

@adamscrabble didn't just block me, but he seemingly reported me. Poor little millionaire.

Cry more

My mom went in for her pacemaker checkup. Turns out her heart is 100% dependant on the pacemaker. Thank you my most Holy God for keeping my mom alive

Got Mr Beau a roasted bone tonight.

He's already eaten it

Me and wife went to the doctor yesterday to ask for a medical exemption. She was totally on our side, and spent 15 minutes trying to find anything she could in my wife's med file that would work. Alas, my wife's too healthy. But she did offer any help she could, but told us to go for the religious exemption, since they will have a harder time denying it

So, my nephew drew this and his mom put it on group chat. I asked his mom the name of what he drew, and she said, "It's Sonic with different colors"

No mention of Sonichu... God is good

My friend group is close, and though we aren't blood, we're all uncle's and aunts to all of the kids.

Not gonna lie, being called uncle Drew is awesome.

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Halloween party with the friends tonight. It was fantastic.

Long story short, all of the kids started a Nerf gun war.

Long story shorter, I'm being shot by darts while saying in my best southern accent...

"We will not abide this northern aggression"

And (my favorite ad lib),

"The only thing that will survive this day is your reputation as a coward!"

... Thankfully all of the other parents laughed 😂

They're telling my wife she has to take the vax...

I'm not having this...

You all always know things. What happened the TN football game?

After 5 days with zero appetite, I'm cooking pepperoni pizza in the air fryer at 4 in the morning because I feel hungry again! 😄

Only symptom, don't know what caused it, just happy it's gone

So, I listen to podcasts all day, and most of them are lawyers (but the type of lawyers that should stay at home tomorrow cause they're cool)

I go in ready to raise hell against a mandate, but no one gives a shit if we're vaxed or not.

I love where I'm at

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