James Lindsay has been offering a unique level of analysis for awhile now, but with this latest epiphany of his I believe he’s outdone himself.


Grew up on TNG. Former Democrat. This feels true to me, broadly speaking.

You can close the book on medium.com

Turns out they’re just another social network that deplatforms views that threaten the globalist agenda…

Does a screenshot exist anywhere of a social media company "fact check" tagging a post that is negative toward a Republican? It may have happened lots of times. I've just never seen such a unicorn in the wild.

Good times were had by all last night at the Pierce County meetup in Sumner, WA

Hope to see you all again soon!


My skills:
Music Production / Engineering
Video Editing
Sound Design
Bass Guitar
Piano / Synth

As a former pro creative in Los Angeles’ film & recording industries, I’m tired of feeling like I’m sitting on the sidelines.

Powerful content can and has moved the needle.

If you feel the same and have compatible skills you can bring to the table, get in touch w me.

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