@adam 2 separate single miners solved 2 BTC blocks in the last 24 hours for a payout of ~6.2 BTC each.

Typically a 1.6-1.8M chance, but random number theory.

There is hope for single miners!

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@DrChris so each person netted about 250k from running something like adam has?

@SirSeanofSlovakia @adam

Slight correction - second time in a week, not 24 hours.

@SirSeanofSlovakia @adam

My understanding is they (at least 1) were mining with ckpool ( ) and it's kind of a pseudo pool where the individual miner get 98% of the reward...not entirely sure of the particular advantage of joining that pool.

@DrChris @adam that's not hope. It's a lottery. Plan your resources accordingly.

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