If you haven’t seen it, this is the best summary of the statistically impossible “drift” of mail in ballots to Biden as the night wore on, indicative of ballot stuffing/software shenanigans.

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This is a very elegant explanation.

TLDR: Mail-in ballots arrive randomly, like a shuffled deck of cards, so when they are counted, the ratio of D to R ballots is consistent, with maybe a slight shift toward R over time, as rural ballots take longer to arrive. This trend held in 45 states.

In 5 States, reporting on mail-in ballots was also consistent, until 2-4am, when the ratio shifted markedly toward D - it would be like shuffling a deck and all the Spades fall to the bottom. Impossible.

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@DrChris Say it isn't so.
The Democrats, the Media, Big Tech no longer believe in Science and Stats and the Data behind it.!

@DrChris I’m most curious to see if there’s a procedural reason as to why it appears like this.

The issue as I understand it was that the ballots are NOT processed randomly from across the state. The result you are seeing CAN occur if there is bias from where the votes come from.

NBC (Chuck Todd) and 538 (Nate Silver) has said repeatedly about where the late votes were coming from - primarily from urban areas.

That doesn't exclude the opportunity for fraud but it does provide an explanation that is consistent with the reported data.

@DrChris It's very plain that the election was rigged. The real question is, will the SCOTUS rule that Biden is effectively disqualified for doing so?

@NEETzsche @DrChris Someone carelessly pissed off the wrong people… along party lines. 10 points to Tulsidor.


If I'm 100% honest I don't think he'll get but it's still a compelling speculation.

@NEETzsche @DrChris

John Roberts is sick and evil and takes pleasure in being humiliated.

@Foneguy89 @DrChris the two items I don’t like in this are the wrapping of a narrative about late ballots, and the assumption that late counts come from rural places. In PA they provided detailed insight where you can see that two significant sources of late counts were from the Democrat strongholds of Philly and Pittsburgh. There’s still 23k/54k from them, and those are likely 60-80% Democrat.

The problem is, if you go in with those two arguments, you won’t get anywhere in court.

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