Liberal sister-in-law has been referring to her family (son and dog) as the “tribe.” I asked if this was an Elizabeth Warren thing and it didn’t go over well.



Small correction but the Pelosi clip was from 13 years ago, not 23

Notre Dame repair estimated at $8 BILLION. Feels a little high.

Completely convinced any American who is a hardcore fan of some European soccer team (Arsenal, Tottenham, etc) is some form of virtue signaling. Like they are “woke” enough to embrace a sport America rejects at the highest levels.

*Prepares Fletcher Voice*

I imagine the conversation went like this on set: "Hey, I once did this great scene with Anakin and Padme on a date...what if we do something similar with Jon and Dany on the dragons?"

Ben Garrison got banned from Instagram for this comic - I see nothing but truth.

"Trump FURY at Fox News for hosting Bernie"
"Trump OPENS FIRE at Fox News..."

The actual tweet from Trump:

"So weird to watch Crazy Bernie on @FoxNews. Not surprisingly, @BretBaier and the “audience” was so smiley and nice. Very strange, and now we have @donnabrazile?"

I don't know anyone who uses the word 'extreme' regularly. JCD uses it 2-3 times per show.

Interesting experiment. I've tried to engage those (rightfully) outraged by the story below - conceding that the officers were 100% wrong - in a discussion about parenting and what led the girl to think she could keep her cell phone out in class and, presumably, be disrespectful enough that it escalated into something more.

Everyone refuses to discuss that she was a disrespectful little twit.

Question now is if Assange had a Dead Man's key, would would efefctively be activated now that he's in custody.

Theory on Assange: 3D chess.

Intel community/Dems think we are finally doing it to nail him on Manning video, etc. Trump DOJ grants him immunity and a get out of jail free card on everything in order to reveal that the DNC emails came from Seth Rich as this investigation into the Dem/Obama DOJ ramps up.

Will any journalist ask Bernie what portion of his wealth he'll be donating to the government to ensure he pays his "fair share?"

The LA metro area is larger than 43 States - consider that when abolishing the electoral college.

I don't get headlines like this - there is nothing preventing companies like Netflix from releasing shows on a weekly schedule.

The whole idea of releasing whole series to binge watch has always seemed kind of crazy to me.

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