HR is playing hardball and shit is about to get real.

1) Denied my ability to provide written answers to their mandatory jab questions.
2) Will not say what was insincere about my religious accommodation request.
3) Get jabbed, or you're fired.

I soldier on.

CTO Parag Agrawal taking over the Twitter CEO helm.

Twitter, Google, Microsoft all now run by the Indian cabal.

Want to make Twitter truly worthwhile and clean up the bullshit:

Make people fund a wallet and pay for retweets and likes on Twitter.

Make it 2 sats per like or retweet - an absolutely minimum barrier to entry.

Web 3.0


*2 weeks of uncertainty
*Current vaccines not effective against omicron variant
*Omicron similar to delta in severity
*New vaccine in the works for early 2022 (Moderna confirmed this)
*You're not fully vaccinated unless you've had the original series PLUS new omicron specific vaccine

This is the treadmill - a new vaccine every year for every variant.

Watched Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

Worth the watch if you were a fan. Kind of made me feel less sad about his suicide, honestly.

In the end he started treating everybody like shit because he was so smitten by Asia Argento and, when she betrayed him, he probably felt he had nobody who would be there for him because he had burned every bridge. That’s my take.

Is there a Tweet Delete like program you can setup on a Raspberry Pi?

How to show the vaccinated they are responsible for the variants:

"Have you heard of MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus)? Pretty serious bacterial infection that that resists a really good antibiotic.

So, do you think it magically evolved to be resistant to methicillin in healthy people who weren't taking methicillin or because it was put under evolutional pressure to do so by those taking methicillin?
So, are you scheduled for your booster yet?"

A variant of any virus that develops to become resistant to a vaccine, does so by responding to the evolutionary pressure caused by the vaccine.

An unvaccinated host does not contribute to that evolutionary pressure at all.

Gottlieb immediately out Tweeting to calm the waters because the 4 people with the Omi-Coof in Botswana were all vaccinated.

Illinois is still Nazi central. Starbucks barista nearly fell over scrambling from behind the counter to tell my wife she couldn't come in to order without a mask on.

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