As a kid of the 80's/early 90's who loved game shows, BUZZR is the greatest channel ever.

@adam said he's starting to see these Apple tags everywhere, which the U1 chip will track.


All I've seen is the Tile competitors concept

Snowden talking about his broken NES that his dad repaired - a fucking LIE! There was no Mario Kart on the NES.

SNL hired, then fired Shane Gillis, for THIS video:

I hope Lorne Michaels never goes back and watched Eddie Murphy Raw.

My brother in law works for a semi-large city planning department in a pretty progressive city and is required to put a "climate impact" section in all his reports for new building projects.

He mostly just makes it up because, "how the fuck would I know?"

Imagine a developer constructing on a few acres and you have to develop a climate impact.


I think I figured out a way to ID the good Muslims from the bad - at least those that speak English. It’s in how the pronounce ‘Muslim’:

The Good: Muz-lim
The Bad: Moose-lim

Help me vet this out.

These new Kavanaugh allegations can only mean one thing - Ginsberg is about to croak.

This is how comedians (Amy Klobuchar) work and rework a joke until it’s perfect

I've got a feeling "binge culture" is going to end with Apple going to a more timed release schedule for their shows - will be shocked if Netflix doesn't follow suit.

How do you build buzz for a show when it drops, everyone talks about it for a week, binges it, then doesn't talk about it for a year until the next season?

Not sure what other parents are experiencing, but it appears the Fortnite hype is dead - son finally dropped it after the recent season launched.

This derivatives chart LOL

Nope, nothing to see here - I’m sure it’s based on some fundamentals.

Brilliant White Ceramic!


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