Watching MSNBC for the Russia insanity.

Nobody is asking “What was the evidence? Wouldn’t the public be helped by showing the evidence so people know what kind of disinformation to look out for?”

This is fantasy land. Complete delusion.

Have we really come full circle to Russia hacking the election?

Let's see some receipts on that "intelligence."

Always love when JCD tries to throw it to the donation segment too early - tried to pull it in at minute 47 today and @adam had to soldier on

Warren treated Bloomberg like Bloomberg treats black people.

A great series of JCD tweets.

Corrects Blago’s grammar, then calls him ‘Bloggo’


For some reason we let people get away with saying "Sorry I was multi-tasking" when we know the real reason is they weren't paying attention.

Was in a meeting for work listing to one of our VPs who just put together our Data Analytics area (in health insurance) talking about how everyone thinks it's magic and you can't just throw in a bunch of unstructured data and expect it to work.

"So to me it would seem that there really isn't AI, there is only the API" (and @adam classic).

His response: "Exactly right."

OMG that Daytona 500 crash was brutal. Pretty sure Ryan Newman didn't survive that.

Easy resume booster that I think would work -

MIT Open Courseware

Just put it on your resume under education like this:

MIT 2020-Present
Open Courseware - Sloan School of Management

Then bullet out the lectures you've taken. There are no grades, but if you sit through a fair amount of lectures, at worst, it shows a willingness to continue your learning.

The Torture Report movie on Amazon was torture to watch.


Haha, not sure if Styx coined it, but I love that he calls Bernie Sanders an Ice Cream Socialist.

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I love the narrative that Bloomberg was "laid off at age 40 and then made billions - you can do it too!"

Never mentions that he still had $10M as equity partner in the firm that fired him. That's almost $30M in today's dollars.

Somebody explain the Bloomberg Terminal to me.

From what I can tell, it's like logging into your brokerage account with a specialized keyboard.

I can see it in the 80's but how is this a "thing" 325,000 brokers use at $20,000 a year?

Klobuchar just dropped an ‘indubitably’ 😭

Everything about the podcast experience in the Spotify app is gross.

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