If you haven't heard, Biden put a 60 day pause on Trump's order to lower the cost of Insulin.

This may be how Pharma is "made whole" to start backing off on COVID hysteria without a need to vaccinate everybody.

Name a single Trump policy that was not pro-American?

Biden signed about 10 on his first day in office.

What if a President truly interested in checking Executive power signed an Executive Order that prohibited any future signing or recision of Executive Orders?

A question that has alienated some of our teacher friends and I've never gotten a good response to:

"Why are teachers uniquely 'afraid' to be in a classroom with 20-25 kids, but they seem OK in a classroom with 12-13 kids? No other profession has expressed this paranoia."

My wife is a nurse in an eye clinic and is literally in the face of 30-40 patients a day and can smell their breath.

Most responses are: "If it's safe, then why don't you sign up to be a SUB on your off days!?"

Never even knew there was a 1962 movie called The 300 Spartans.

Is everything a remake?

Any VPN provider suggestions for streaming?

Based on price, thinking of using Surfshark or NordVPN.

ExpressVPN is the most popular, but a bit pricey.

Anyone want to buy some popcorn? I have an unused pantry full. 🍿

I like my Vice Presidents and their spouse to have the same last name. Even hyphenated is fine.

Bidens top priorities for America -

Killing Keystone pipeline - American jobs and oil
Rejoining Paris climate accord - giving away our money
Stopping border construction - Giving away jobs to illegals and probably killing a few Americans

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