CNN in german accent: "If you haz nussing to hide, vhy are you worried, herr President?"

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Bernie raised $1 million in 3 hours for his campaign.

Will he redistribute those funds to the underprivileged candidates to give them an equal playing field?

Consolidated every piece of networking equipment into the basement, wall mounted:

-Cable Modem
-8-port switch
-Ooma Telo
-Raspberry Pi
-Casa Node

Office looking much cleaner without an octopus of cables hiding under the desk.

I take offense with @Johncdvorak always referring to Midwest towns as "bumfuck."

The Indiana mayor is mayor of South Bend (where Notre Dame is) - basically the same as the Mayor of Berkeley in bumfuck California.

And he just said "Forgive my pedanticness..."

This fucking guy

Trying to find some new podcasts, listening to "Exponent", which is Ben Thompson who writes the Stratechery blog. Struggling to listen further after hearing him say this:

"The idea of probability is generally hard to grok...."

Who the fuck uses the word "grok?"

Spinning for 40,000 satoshis on Lightning Roulette makes me more nervous than a $100 bet in Vegas

"Who let someone in here asking legitimate questions? Where is the CNN reporter that helps me pick out clothes?"

It's no wonder the left suffers from mental illness - consider all the times they had Trump dead to rights, all the fake hate crime stories they bought hook, line, and sinker, and time and again Trump gets the better of them or the stories they pushed turn out to be complete fabrications.

That has got to be a colossal mind fuck to always be wrong.

"Spread the ass cheeks open, make that pussy crack a smile."
- @adam


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About that "Trump supporter" that jumped into the media area at a recent rally... Why does he have the tags on his stuff (hat, glasses, and jacket) still? 🤔 If it was a hoax, then this is a really stupid to not take the tags off the stuff you just bought. If it was a real supporter then it's weird to leave them on...

Original story:

Pic comes from here:

Anyone else's place of employment constantly using these annoying animated video things?

How bad an idea is it to put a wireless route in a basement? It will literally be moving 4 feet down below the office it's in now, mounted on a wall, so thinking shouldn't have any real effect.

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