Any recommendations on reasonably priced 4k monitors?

Just need it for a home office setup, not for gaming.

My observation at a birthday party where the majority of the attendees are Hill-bot/Mild SJW types:

It’s a lot of people all seeing who can look the most interested in what others are saying, even though I know they mostly don’t give a shit.

Laying to rest the bullshit that “Immigrants Founded 43% of fortune 500 companies” as an argument for open borders.

The Smithsonian was founded in 1846 "for the increase and diffusion of knowledge" and as "the museum of the United States."

So when we landed on the moon, the greatest achievement in the history of man, we threw out the tapes, instead of sending everything there.

Watched the Apollo 11 movie on CNN (was in theaters earlier this year). The perplexing part to me was:

The lunar propulsion rocket had to detach from the main rocket, then attach to the lunar lander. Then, the lunar lander had to get off the moon, enter the moon's orbit, and re-attach to the propulsion rocket to get out of orbit back toward Earth.

That seems unfathomable.

A quick way to shut down a lot of SJW nonsense:

"Nothing that requires the labor of others is a human right." -via the Tweeters

I suppose you could follow-up with:

"What labor of yours are others entitled to as a human right?"

One of the best examples of how advertisers control anything:

Lebron James was going to give Anthony Davis his #23 and NIKE said no because they had too much Lebron #23 product out there that they’d basically have to eat. So they said there were “production issues.”

Funny, one word I don’t see on the (mobile) homepage: Epstein

What was that website that will set up a Mastodon instance for like $5 bucks a month @adam mentioned a few months ago?

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Million Dollar Mile has to be dumbest show. How do you expect someone to complete 5 obstacles AND rope climb up a 100 foot wall and beat a Spartan Race champion with only a 2 minute lead?

My god, you can’t even click on the Federated tab and go down 5 posts before running into “Pussy Maniac” - just a guy who posts vaginas all day. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Then again,

“Socialism is a bourgeoisie movement for rich kids with no marketable abilities and a patronising view of workers as pets in need of saving.”

Via the Tweeters

How is - Never put the top opening in line with the seam on the cup - not the first thing you learn as a barista?

Have you ever eaten at The Yellow Deli? Pretty sure I’m being recruited into a cult.

Saw a guy in this shirt - wasn’t sure if it was sarcasm or serious.

@DrChris Team from Southern California, so this guy probably still rides a skateboard to work. Assuming he works.

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