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TikTok'ers now trying to mass-rate the Trump 2020 app 1 star so it gets removed from the App store.

Michigan and USA COVID Case/Death charts - You can see cases started going up 29 days ago and there has been ZERO uptick in deaths.


Global Warming
Climate Change
Climate Crisis

COVID Deaths
COVID Probable Cases

Same bullshit script to keep the fear machine going.

Her Royal Cuntiness Whitmer to give an update today and already seeing news stories pushing "If you all PROBABLE cases to the mix...."

Same people:

"We have to be cautious about opening schools (or should keep them online only) because kids, although not at risk, are potentially potent vectors to spread COVID!"

"Everyone needs to wear a mask at all times so we don't spread this."

Curiously not the same people:

"Kids should be in school and if they have to visit grandma, they can just wear a mask."

Your government in action.

$3M fine

The violations by NWS Michigan LLC "contributed to liquor supply shortages throughout the state during the 2019 holiday season"

"[this] should serve as a strong reminder of accountability in the state’s liquor inventory and delivery system," Nessel said. "The state will not tolerate vendor mismanagement that results in financial hardship which impacts the livelihood of liquor retailers across Michigan."


Systemic Democratic control of ciities is a far bigger problem than any perceived systemic racism.

I made my medical bracelet as easy to understand as possible.

Drew Brees says he stands for the national anthem - roundly criticized by everyone in the NFL and media.

Desean Jackson tweets an anti-Semetic quote he thought was from Hitler. Nobody says a word and he puts out a statement his PR person wrote.

STOP taking the left seriously in any way.

African slaves came primarily from along the western edge of Africa - Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Guinea, the Congo.

You'd be hard pressed to make a case that people who are ADOS are not 1000x better off than their relatives from those areas whose ancestors escaped slavery.

Having watched 3 episodes, the new Unsolved Mysteries is a pass. Aside from each 40-55 minute episode being more suitable for a 20 minute segment, it dawned on me that there is no narration and the dulcet tones of Robert Stack are what held that show together.

People are giddy that Justice Kagan referenced Veep and Hamilton in the “faithless elector” decision.

I mean, ok, I guess.

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