Only 1 of the 20 richest women in the world didnโ€™t inherit her money from her husband or father.

Step it up ladies!

The โ€œI have questionsโ€ meme is overplayed out


Tatjana Pasalic: Penis jokes aside for a minute, why is any person whipping out their member during a work call regardless of the camera being on?

So creepy. #meme

Full-List of bots:

Re-reading 1984 and it's pretty hard to not come to the conclusion that the left is using it as a playbook.

Target Starbucks now has the same policy toward service for those without a mask as many places had toward blacks pre-Civil Rights Act.

"I can't serve you because of your skin color/because you're not wearing a mask."

Even if you say you have a medical condition and have a bracelet on.

@adam Since NA Meet-ups are spreading truth and sanity, shouldnโ€™t they be rebranded as No Agenda Super Spreader events?

School Board Update:

We are living in the Twilight Zone and they won't bring kids back full-time, even though 99.997% of 0-19 year olds and 99.95% of those up to age 69 survive COVID because "muh 6 feet!!!!"

We did make two board members cry, however.

Our school superintendent: โ€œWe canโ€™t bring our kids back full-time because we canโ€™t guarantee that they can maintain 6 foot social distancing like we can now when only half the students are there.โ€

Picture in the local news today of what school is like with COVID:

I want the leak of Hunter's laptop pictures to be referred to as "The Bidening".

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