Have any prominent Democrats, either at the national or State level, come down with COVID?

I know several Republicans have, but can't think of a single Democrat off the top of my head.

@unspinthespin I had two dates with one last year. ๐Ÿคฎ


If you have #Instagram and want to share censored, unknown or unpopular opinions about #COVID vaccines in your stories, use the "Let's Get Vaccinated" sticker. They will always prioritize those stories, no matter what's actually in the story ๐Ÿ˜‚

Put an โ€œIโ€™m Vaccinated - โ˜‘๏ธSputnik Vโ€ frame on Facebag.

Congratulations all over the place LOL

Hey, remember when 10 people were shot in Colorado a couple weeks ago and then it was memory holed because he wasn't white?

Fucking tired of every conference call starting with chit-chat amongst people talking about their experience tracking down a vaccine.

What are the reported flu numbers in counties other than the US? Are they also basically zero?

I have changed my view on the COVID paranoids in my sphere from trying to give them factual data to help them to ignoring them completely and thinking they deserve every ounce of mental illness theyโ€™ve brought upon themselves by only listening for M5M narratives.


I cannot find an answer to this:

Can anyone who is involved in administering the vaccine comment on what the current tracking is for those those that have had the vaccine? I know people get their "Vaccine Card" but what information is logged and where?

Is every vaccinated person entered into a database along with what lot number their vaccine came from and is that paired with an entry for their second dose as well? Does that data get sent to the CDC?

I have seen many videos of church services being broken up such as the one below.

Can anyone find a similar video of a mosque being broken up?


Anyone in the media calling the new Georgia voter laws "Jim Crow on steroids" realize you already had to show ID when you voted in person?

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