Nothing is Built.
Nothing is Back.
Nothing is Better.

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Has the word 'gonzo' (the Muppet, aside) even been associated with anyone except Hunter S. Thompson?

Shitcoins are ponzi schemes.

LUNA down 98%
UST "stablecoin" $0.44


Harold Ford Jr. is legit the whitest person on The Five and he’s the only black guy.

Elon going to make the rats jump off the ship with this tweet about work expectations.

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Not digging this new time slot for the show.

Democrats: Let in millions of immigrants from Latin America who are overwhelmingly Catholic.

Also Democrats: Think abortion is going to be an election winner for them.

What is Ketanji Brown Jackson's current involvement with SCOTUS? Does she have clerks already with access to current case discussions, even if she would not be weighing in on that case.

The Met Gala is literally a fund raiser for...

... The Met Gala.

Weird — Haven’t seen anyone tweet about how they’re worried for men who can’t get abortions now.

The war in Ukraine is now affecting Ethereum gas prices. Putin!!!!!!

Develop tool to screen for child neglect.

Tool identifies black children are overwhelmingly neglected.

The algorithm is racist.

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