The use of the term “claim” outside of a courtroom, implies the person being referenced is lying.

That’s the issue.

@adam @Johncdvorak

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LGBT crowd upset that they put the LGBT tag on Dahmer.

Are they upset he was gay or that Netflix didn't cover it up?

The best argument against “affirmation” of gender dysphoria I’ve heard:

When someone has anorexia, we don’t immediately affirm their body dysphoria, so why should we do that for gender, when the progression of affirmation is then radical body transformation surgery and a lifetime of hormone therapy?

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From the first Langley Files (CIA) podcast:

The CIA director uses a Roku.

Less privacy invasive than Apple TV, Amazon Fire, etc?

The CIA has it's own Podcast now. Surely will provide some good show clips.

@adam, they are weaponizing your invention against you! 😂

Has any one in the military every cited ONE example of how their gender ideology push has provided a battlefield advantage? Just one, that's all I'm looking for.

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Joke: What do you get when you cross ivermectin with hydroxychloroquine?

Answer: You get better!

If you've ever wanted to see Sinatra live, catch Bob Anderson's "One More for the Road" show if he's coming to a town near you.

We saw him a few years ago and it's honestly no different than a live Sinatra show in his heyday.

He does full makeup, 32-piece band. Awesome show.

I do my best to keep wokeness out of our schools, but I keep hearing people say "So and so in this school district says they want to put a litter box in the bathrooms for furries."

I'm convinced this is a total urban legend.

I'll never get over how ridiculous this picture is 😂

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New to the scene. But looking forward to better community here. ITM!

"Days of uncertainty" - No, 1+ day, 44 hours

"massive effort by locals to provide for migrants" - No, it was 50 people, how massive does the effort need to be?

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And "nobody" is looking to see if the mRNA vaccines may have reduced natural immunity which would have led to a spike of sexually transmitted diseases??? Perhaps Monkeypox is not as much of a outlier as one would suspect with this type of data also appearing.

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This was the tent setup for 's birthday party, but there's no room for 50 migrants, call in the national guard.

Is there an app (iOS or desktop) that will scrape Twitter feeds to be able to setup a feed without an account

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