Just started watching Veep (hilarious).

Am I interpreting it correctly that's is like Silicon Valley in that, those that work there know that it's absurdly true and that really is how people in Washington act? I can't see them acting any other way.

Is it a coincidence that as soon as the bogus CDC guidance was coming out, Psaki is temporarily replaced by Karine Jean-Pierre.

She's getting the Michael Strahan treatment! @adam

Biden: We will not Require mandatory vaccines.

Also Biden: If you’re an employee of the federal government or any contractor doing business with the government, you have to require vaccines.

Somebody please just kill these people.

When does the daily Two Minutes of Hate against the unvaccinated start?

How long before: β€œTrump forced us to cut corners to get the vaccine out. We thought they were safe, but Trump has now put us all in danger.”

How I explain the E.U. to my American friends and family in one easy sentence.

The USSR did NOT fall in 1989, it just moved to Brussels.

Tucker's monologues truly are the conservative version of Jon Stewart's Daily Show rants the right could never duplicate.

Just as hilarious.

Based Djokovic: "Pressure is a privilege, my friend. Without pressure there is no professional sport. If you are aiming to be at the top of the game you better start learning how to deal with pressure and how to cope with those moments β€” on the court but also off the court.”


Super pro tip on ensuring a negative COVID test - NetiPot and THEN Hibiclens.

We just contributed 4 negative antigen and 4 negative PCR tests to the pool in Michigan so we could go to Puerto Rico. You can thank me for keeping the positive case rate down!

Gottlieb on CNBC saying the the UK cases of delta variant have peaked and are on the decline. Says US is probably further into this variant than we think and will likely peak in 2-3 week.

CDC: Mask back up!

CDC in 3-4 weeks: Masks helped us control this!

Even though we were about to peak anyway.

I can't take any statement from a coworker seriously that starts "Yeah, I think, right, so.."

The vaccine isn't really about citizens getting. It's a compliance test for government enforcement employees (police, military, etc.).

Make it compulsory and you'll:

1) Cull those who believe in liberty from the ranks.
2) Reduce enrollment by those who believe in liberty.
3) Now have full control to implement more authoritarianism, enforced by like-minded collectivists.

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