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@DoubleTap It appears there's not many black people on the site.

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Have you ever wondered if you were Black? Now there is a test for that.

This is how Taco Bell becomes the only restaurant. Went to my favorite Greek restaurant yesterday. Talked to the owner. He is a proud man. There is fear in his eyes. I’m getting pissed.

I told my kids they got to be alive when the World went Full Retard.

I’m really gonna be pissed if I don’t end up catching Covid 19 after going through all this bullshit.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Covid 19 does not exist.

I don’t believe that the corona virus is real.

I get an email from 8 Vape everyday. This shows up today.

I thought John & Adam said Brexit would not happen? 🤔

Had a great time with you folks @ Local 512 meet-up.🤪

Any Peloton™ peeps here? I'm KevinJayR there. I only have one friend, my wife. 😐

I just bought a Peloton Bike. Am I a douche bag?

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