Just got back from the San Antonio Meet-Up. My amygdala has decreased to it's normal size.

Headed to the Local 210 Meet-Up. 🏎️

Can you send a Direct Message to someone here? Thanks for any help.

I can't figure it out. 😭

Anyone else get a letter from Wikipedia today looking for a donation?

I wrote back to them and said go woke go broke.

Not another shekel they’ll get from me.

Had a great time @ the San Antonio meet-up this evening. Too many people to talk to in one evening.

Looking forward to our next meet-up in November.

My daughter turns 21 today. She can throwaway her Fake ID.🤣

For those that use the railroads as a view to the economy. My employer just announced that car loadings will be way down for the next 2 weeks.

I remember when I used to look forward to watching Apple events, for a nerd this was like the Super Bowl. I didn’t even bother watching it at all yesterday.

Wife just came home with a Ring™ door bell. 😱

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