Are you still on Facebook? WHY?

Explicit evidence of Facebook scanning all your messages, EVEN THE PRIVATE MESSAGES of Pro-Trump voters and forwarding them to the FBI WITHOUT request or warrant!

@DotardTed Zuck is gonna start hiding assets this is gonna hopefully bankrupt that lizard eye Fuck

Yes, to buy stuff. No friends, no personal/political groups. Utilitarian.

Only ever private browsing.

@DotardTed apple and android phone keyboards are keyloggers

@aaronroers @DotardTed

This ☝️ . Been telling people this for over a decade... Includes apple and windoze 'puters as well. There is no commercial encryption they can't crack either IMO.

@blakemichigan @DotardTed “There are no secrets, only information you don’t have yet” - @adam


🤣 Matt and his cohost Blonde have been skirting the "cancel culture" on YouTube for years. But they also mirror on four other platforms just-in-case. They manage in a less namby-pamby style than Timcast... Blonde says the edgy content, Matt disavows. It's a running gag, but it works!

Now he needs to look for Black helicopters? 😉


I really enjoy Matt's weekly intro segment that integrates current news into a general format. Sometimes it's a real masterpiece. He also has one of the smoothest broadcast voice around.

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