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"Hurt" - Johnny Cash

HARDENED METAL? Cash redefines HURT...

Cash took Reznor's self-absorbed lyrics about teenaged angst and rendered them into a crystallized reflection of what is important when you are facing its inevitable ending.

This was his last recording, it was filmed in February 2003... June, his wife for 35 years, died three months later - Johnny followed her in September.

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> The CIA doesn't need to create a false-flag, steal a Russian bomber and murder more innocent children..

Exactly, we don't need to be there anymore, leave, we fucked shit up enough...

@DotardTed @dave @mac_ack @BlueDouche @KrGingerich @seanongley @caekislove @Coyote @FreeinTX it could have been an option if lady g and the big guy hadn't promised Ukraine they would back them in a proxy war against Russia. Without America behind them, Ukraine would be in more of a mood to talk. Notice this didn't happen under trump

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Well, I'm just catching up here, haven't read everything posted yet, but...

"However, back in April, OSCE experts published a report stating that they had not found confirmation of Moscow's claims that the Azov Battalion was involved in the attack on the Mariupol Drama Theater. The Associated Press has concluded that the attack could have killed about 600 civilians."

Sorry, if Azov was a CIA op, I believe they would be the most likely suspect for this bombing, no?

Yesterday is History,
Tomorrow is a Mystery,
Today is a gift,
thatโ€™s why itโ€™s called The Present.

@mac_ack @dave @DotardTed @caekislove ukraine isnt real it never departed from the USSR and is still part of the Russian Federation

It just occurred to me that the best way to explain political philosophies :

liberals and conservatives both base their political philosophy on "the government should fix this". Be is social programs, war, crime, etc.

Libertarians base their political philosophy on "the government should stop creating these problems".

Because we know that all of these problems aren't solved by government. They are started by government.

Good afternoon. Happy Monday!๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŒผโ˜•
@DotardTed @dave @mac_ack @BlueDouche @KrGingerich @seanongley @soretski @caekislove @Coyote A violent overthrow of an elected government using neo-nazi forces is a fucking coup. A rose by any other name.
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they have been doing that in 8 years resulting in thousands of civilians dying.

You don't get that information from the biased Western media. Ukrainians are the good guys, good guys don't do bad things, Russians do because they are the bad guys, so you believe that Ukrainians never bomb civilians which they do.

news from today:


Good point. Once again, my fingers work faster than my brain these days. ๐Ÿ˜


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We see this WAY differently.

I am neutral, you are pro Ukraine, and I believe you think I'm pro-Putin, but, you can't even recognize there could be a third view point, and have no perspective here.

I see the Ukraine government, and probably a fair chunk of the private sector, as CIA's little corrupt playground, disgusting to Hunter Biden Laptop levels, sitting on Putin's doorstep... And I'm simply saying, nope, not siding with THAT government either.

You show me an option that actually isn't putting the same clown show in charge that is now, maybe I could see a solution, but as of now, it's to governments, both I choose not to side with, trying to kill each other, and I don't want any part of it.
@DotardTed @dave @mac_ack @BlueDouche @KrGingerich @seanongley @soretski @caekislove @FreeinTX Well, then, what was the public health epidemic going on that caused such a high proportion of "public health biological facilities" that seems to have occurred? Something like that surely must affect the local economy...
@DotardTed @dave @mac_ack @BlueDouche @KrGingerich @seanongley @soretski @caekislove @FreeinTX

"We didn't "put bio labs" in Ukraine, we were trying to deal with the ones left by the Soviet Union in 1991. "

How do you take YOURSELF seriously?

For 32 years, we couldn't figure out how to shot down a biolab... It's the Russians fault...


They never release the unredacted text. Shameful!

"President[Select] Joe Biden[tato] has [been] advised [by] his White House aides to shift [as best he can] into campaign [desperation] mode for the [impending] midterm elections [slaughter], according to a report [by Pisskanky].

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Anyone who thinks "we" consented to ANY of this shit going on, in any way, is not only a slave, but brainwashed. All this shit is artificial destractions to eat away at your liberties and justify multi-layer taxation (income tax, sales tax, but, why do you need to tax, if you can just print money, oh... so you can take some of what's left with inflation. I see...

We, didn't consent to any of this, we were told we consented to it by a propaganda scheme and "democracy," which is a system that corrupts liberties, prove, over and over through history.
@DotardTed @dave @mac_ack @BlueDouche @KrGingerich @seanongley @soretski @caekislove @FreeinTX

Define "we."

Serious question, I would like to know at which point we made that promise, and by whom, in detail.

Because, it wasn't me personally that was saying "hey, let's put some biolabs over here, and point guns at Russia!" And, whom'ever made that decision, should provide an explanation. I don't really think the American people as a whole would agree that was what they wanted done with their tax money, so, ? Whom?
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