German Corona documentary by the media company that is part of the group ‘Stiftung Corona Ausschuss’ of lawyers and doctors that are working together to fight the global government’s lockdown measures with legal means. Was immediately censored and deleted on other platforms last week and is now available to watch on Bitchute.

As Angela Merkel circles back on latest insane lockdown orders for Easter a local Art-School runs this retarded poster campaign in Berlin, Germany.

The original says: ‘Loss of taste is wearing Buffalos*
and a long term effect of Covid19.’

My reply: ‘Loss of reality is wearing a mask
and a direct effect of brainwashing.’

* godawful sneakers famous from the millennium aera

( its enough already ) is the trending hashtag to end the lockdown

Posted and tagged them on my facebag.

Ran across this anti CCP protest today here in Berlin. The top sentence on the big white poster says: “The most evil virus in the world is the Chinese Communist Party!”

Best intro song (in a row of excellent intros) so far on latest Moe Factz!! 👍

@MoeFactz @adam

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This map would be taken off Twitter in a heartbeat if you point out that the areas in green have a much lower death rate that the leader (we're number one) USA.

The only African country with a bad death rate is South Africa. Oh look!

WILD: Fauci Is American Govt’s Highest Paid Employee, Pulling MILLIONS From Flawed Science and Gain of Function Experiments - The National Pulse

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