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Totalitarianism and Mass Formation by Prof Mattias Desmet (University Ghent)
(I did a video on my phone to the audio of a clip that was also featured on the show a couple of episodes ago.)

Reposting this because @Johncdvorak was bitching about the end of show tunes on Thursday’s episode. 😋

Does anybody know which episode of MoeFactz was spilling the beans on Angela Davis? Was it 43 Black Inc?

IMDB declining my not-so-woke review of Suspicion. 🥳😂

I found a lost end of show track from some years ago and just archived it on the No Agenda tube!

And damn autocorrect
The second sentence was suppose to start this way: To live in a reality …

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Fancy LED ad-screens pumping out war and vaccine propaganda on the streets of Berlin, Germany. The live in a reality where the sheeple can not see this as the fascist new world order mind control that it is, is so frustrating.

ITM and a jolly weekend, slaves of gitmo!
(Pic is me trolling for Brandon on the tweeter)

ITM music lovers and moon struck love birds of NA Nation!
Just finished a little set of rare 70s disco tracks, recorded under the influence of the rising snow moon.

ITM music lovers!

Spent some days in Greece and fell in love and got my heart broken and recorded this set:

A distinguished selection of love songs for love birds and the broken hearted and for howling at the full moon with the wolfs.
Inspired by the wonderful time at Villa M earlier this year.

Very revealing interview with Shark Attkisson on astroturfing, media and news manipulation and the information war of the past 15 years.
Very No Agenda!

Dr Shankara Cherry (South Africa) with a brilliant lecture about what is actually causing the deaths and some excellent analogies against the mandates at the end. Very educational and presented in very easy to understand terms.

I’m trying to find the Build Back Better song by Jeff Smith, and all I find is this page that doesn’t load.
Anybody around who has a link to the song at hand? Thank you for your courage!

The Law vs. The New Normal

Great new resource for lawyers and attorneys to help fighting the mandates legally.

As presented right now on the corona committee live stream.

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