Is the term ‘Bern-bots’ for Sanders supporting marxists already in use or did I just come up with that when replying to a comment from one?

Climate Strikeout: Greta Thunberg and Climate Change Extremists - by Jim Lee

As I’m by now persona non grata as a YouTube creator and my 2nd channel also got deleted for totally made up bogus reasons (and therefore the link below doesn’t work anymore), follow the link to the Bitchute upload of this 1 hour long ‘dramatized’ video of Gary Allen’s (author of ‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy’) infamous speech.

Tyfyc and sharing is caring!

Is there a direct link/upload of the ‘I hate YouTube’ end of show song from episode 1165 ‘Duck Wubba Nub’?
Was searching the episode’s shownotes but the clips section shows without content here.


Black guy debating white guy that called him racist for supporting trump. Quite funny and revealing.

None Dare Call It Conspiracy speech by Gary Allen recorded in 1971 abridged and dramatized

Check out my dTube channel.
The new home of my end of show mix videos.

Bomb them!!/v/leavingtheherd/j2z

YouTube deleted my channel around Easter and Facebook is shadow banning my pages for years now, so I’m trying out several other platforms.
Feel free to take a look and follow me.


Q - Voice of Qanon - No Agenda qVision edit - premiered on Episode 1059 Barrel Roll

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