Still from tonight's production for our upcoming movie Murdersville.

Red book it. Black book it. Blue book it. Book it in any book you got - let it be noted that I hereby coin it;
The Covid Industrial Complex

George Floyd was a war hero, right?
I'm new to this Floyd guy.

Today we went to the zoo and visited the Homosapped habitat.

Sapped of dignity, self-respect and independent thought, these brainwashed humans look out from their stone grotto as we chuckle and snap photos.

Florida...easy to forget there's a scamdemic happening.
Just cruising the Halifax River today. Waving at the other boaters having a good time.

When going maskless is outlawed only outlaws will be maskless.

"Hey, Lebron - too bad about Kobe, eh? You think you might be interested in doing some messaging for us?"

Just another innocent young man gunned down by a ruthless and racist and evil police force!

This is what we've become, folks.

Here we have Steak-umm — yes, as in the sandwich meat — educating Neil deGrasse Tyson on the real meaning of the most misused word of the year, "science".

Steak-umm is right. The SCIENTIST, is wrong.


@Rad_Grand_Dad Porsche will sell you one.....and the e at the end of Porsche is pronounced

Kamaflage's instagram is protected for clear minded opinions.

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