LOVING the look and feel when opening podverse app now. Also glad for the playback speed y'all added between 1 and 1.25. The 1.12 speed seems to be a good sweet spot. Best freaking podcast app in the universe. Great job y'all

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@AndrewTheGreat @podverse
I've got most my friends using this app and it's also perfect because wether they are on Apple or Android the app is on both platforms so sharing shows or clips and everything works great

@Doerfy thanks for the kind feedback 😊 glad you like the new design. We also added new image caching that should hopefully make images load faster and in offline mode now.

@Doerfy @podverse Could we get an option to sort this page by episode release date?

@ChadF @Doerfy yeah for sure. any chance you could create a GitHub issue at for this?

@podverse @Doerfy 🤔 I’ve never done that before but I could give it a shot.

@podverse Done. I'm guessing this is the preferred method to report bugs or feature request?

@ChadF thank you 🙏 yes it’s preferred in the sense it saves us a step and guarantees it stays on our radar.

@ChadF @podverse

Would be a cool option. Although It seems when you hit the episodes tab at the bottom it does what your asking

@Doerfy @podverse I used Pocketcast back in the day and you can sort that way and it’s much easier to see if you have a new episode of a show because for me it’s easier to look at the thumbnails than a list of episodes.

In Pocketcast you can also pin shows in the order you want.

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