This is easy to say and hard to do of course, but we must not allow ourselves to be forced into taking the

Like many others, my employer is floating the "(not)Vaxx required" trial balloon, though most of my colleagues are already GMO

Fascist "America" will go to just about any lengths to get the non-GMO to quit, but we have to *make them fire us* and then drag out the process as long as possible. Stupid should hurt; *make them hurt*

We need to be "The Tough Out", in other words

Just got back from the local supermarket (suburban Boston, upper-middle to upper-class area). Granted, we rarely shop on a Monday night so I don't have a perfect apples/oranges comparison point, but the shelves in darn-near every aisle were almost "SNOW COMING!! GET THE BREAD AND MILK!!!!!!!" level empty

Supply chains are hosed, brethren.

@adam @Johncdvorak

"You’re struggling to understand why some people are vaccine hesitant. The “let me help you” megathread:
Imagine you’re a normal person. The year is 2016. Rightly or wrongly, you believe most of what you see in the media."

Lots of rumors floating around that Zhou BaiDen, the Meat Puppet Resident of the US is going to push for another "15-day nationwide 'lockdown'" starting next weekend

I find that to be perfectly believable, and am very curious to see if we in the USA fall for that bullshit again

For the record, I am NOT optimistic

Ol' Matty... once again writing checks with his overused piehole that his bony ass and noodle-boy girl arms can't possibly cash

So, anyone else planning to avoid mass-gatherings of the GMO "Vaxxed" transhumans for the foreseeable future?

To summarize, my reasons for not submitting to the are 3-fold
1) I had KungFlu in January and fully recovered
2) I have an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s Disease)
3, and most important) I do not trust, not in the least, the motives of the people pushing it

And even were the first two not in play, the third would be enough for me to remain in the control group, forever

Zerohedge - once again saying out loud what the rest of us are whispering...

quote: But what if the elites know exactly what the side effects will be? What if the vaccines are a pivotal part of their “Great Reset?”

Why am I not taking the (not)Vaxx? Simple - I don't believe the people pushing it have my best interests in mind. Quite the opposite, in fact.

My evidence? Their words and actions for pretty much my entire freaking life.


My hope is that the response from Texas would be to tell the US Attorney General to go f*ck himself

But given that the current governor has a rather high cuck quotient, I'm not optimistic

So, who wants to bet that the so-called "protection" provided by these (not)Vaxxes that now appears to be "waning" is entirely the placebo effect of the paranoid not wetting their pants the last 6-months every time somebody sneezed our coughed.

But because they're basically unstable, paranoid, and stupid said placebo effect is wearing off and the masks are going back on.

Happy thought for the day... The BEST case scenario for the fear porn related to DELTA and whatnot is that the Globalists/DS/Democrats feel they need to keep us in full-on panic mode 'cause they're terrified they're going to lose the next election otherwise

In other words, it's nothing more than cynical political theater

Sick, callous, & disgusting as that is I say that's the BEST case scenario, because literally every other scenario means that we're about to witness genocide on a global scale

"Regardless, the very lengths to which they are going to attempt to impose the genetic alterations on you should only strengthen your resolve not to submit to them."


Faux Noise just broke in to their regularly-scheduled Fear Porn with an ALERT!: apparently the chairman of The Fed is quoted as suggesting inflation (you know, the same *inflation* that the Meat Puppet Resident of the USA says doesn’t exist) might now be deeper and last longer than previously thought.

Apparently, based on this guy's own words, this is news to him.

Top. Men.

Is anyone at all surprised by this? Anyone? I mean, c'mon man!

This is good. Bring this to a head sooner rather than later, sez I

Upside - when I finally got to a human (about 2:06 on hold) she was *incredibly* helpful and got all of the problems with the reservation solved quickly and efficiently.

Nicely done by the human resource - the system however, still sucks.

Aaaaaand... I'm back on hold with Delta Airlines, listening to their 1970's-era porn movie soundtrack hold music, for the last 95-minutes

“Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve” morphed neatly and seamlessly over the last 16-months into “You *will* be forcibly (if necessary) injected with a dangerous experimental genetic device, *or else*”

And “Our Betters” wonder why we have zero trust for them

Mrs. Boom and I are flying Delta to/from a conference in SEP. Tonight, *they* changed my itinerary so my wife and I are now on different return flights (hers direct, mine 4-hours earlier and connecting through Hotlanta).

For whatever reason that they can't won't tell me I cannot “fix” this online & currently have an estimated hold time for live agent of… 6.5 HOURS

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