Dear US Postal Service

You have One Job. One. Fucking. Job.

And you absolutely suck ass at it.

Just in case you didn't know or weren't aware.

Proving, once again, that once SJWs infect an organization beyond a certain point there simply is no return.

Adios and Rest In Peace, Boy Scouts of America, uh, sorry, Scouts USA.

The (W)NBA attracts precisely zero-percent or my attention presently, but this, if anything, makes me want to try the impossible by paying even less attention to the (W)NBA

Everything Is Broken, Part (a ludicrously big number)

We're rapidly approaching a state at which literally everyone sucks at their One Job.

Everything is breaking, or already broken. Be prepared mentally as well as physically.

Anyone else thinking that Zhou BaiDen's Labor Department intentionally tanked today's "jobs" report to help push-through the $6-10 *Trillion* of newly printed *Money Printer go brrrrrr* fiat they want to dole out?

An interesting, and somewhat (for many Westerners) counter-intuitive take on the "crisis" (or at least one of them) in the Middle East.

I may not agree entirely with the author's POV, but am absolutely certain I am very tired of the "let's YOU and HIM fight!" attitude some of our "allies" seem to have.

Newpipe app is a great YouTube alternative that allows you to download,

My answer to the constant stream of people who think it's their f*cking business to ask me "Did you take the shot?!?!" has gone like this...

"I had Covid and fully recovered."

"But but but..."

"I had Covid."

"But the CDC..."

"I... Had... Covid."

End of discussion.

Anyone else getting the sense that this is really all about Promethean programming to accept the idea of our being regularly injected with whatever "they" deem “necessary” at any given time, for any reason or nothing at all?

Interesting to me the same people who whine and rend their garments over GMO FOOD are the same people lining up to enthusiastically become GMO "People". The is lost on them, evidently.

A (not)vax so super-duper awesome... that you need to pay people to take it.

Hard. F*cking. Pass.

Always trust medical professionals. Trust them, that is, to kill you with their "Science".

As if you needed another reason to avoid the notVax, here you go...

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