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A quick reminder for the "I'll Just Move To The Country And They'll Leave Me Alone" folks out there...

Urbanized cretin bugmen like this *college professor* will never, ever "leave you alone" - ever - because it truly believes it knows what is best for stupid, rural, hick you

Oh, and check the language as well...

"generous grants" == you shall be forced
"other humans" == other bugmen like this cretin
"dense, transit-rich settings" == literal fucking hell on earth

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On the upside, we're going to experience the most diverse, sustainable, and inclusive civilizational collapse in human history

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Let me make this perfectly clear...

I'm not arguing that Putin and the Russian are "The Good Guys". Not at all.

What I AM saying is that when you say "I Stand With Ukraine!" you're basically saying "I stand with the failed, corrupt, nazi-klepto-oligarchy that is one of the the biggest weapons & human (sex) trafficker on the planet & that has been shelling their own people in the east for 8 fucking years but that nobody gave a tinkers' damn about any of that because nobody on TV told them too"

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This bullshit with endless jabs and endless testing and perpetual face diapers stops now or it will never stop. Ever.

The answer is No. No jabs. No "tests". No face diapers. Just... No.

Compliance is only getting us to slavery faster.

London Banks Prepare For Possible Blackouts

> Outside the UK, banks across Europe are bracing for energy rationing and possible power outages this winter by getting backup generators ready so that they won’t leave bank transactions and ATMs in the dark if the energy crisis worsens

You know what doesn't require electricity to function? Cash.

Might want to have some on hand.

Progressives Demand Two Migrants for Every U.S. Baby

Tell me you're venomously anti-white WHILE telling me you're venomously anti-white.


...on social media one must be careful...talking about Covid. “Wrong think” can lead to getting banned or deleted from sites...I spoke out against the Covid vaccines on Facebook and I kept getting banned, so I finally deleted my account. Due to my anti-medical tyranny cartoons and anti-vaccine cartoons in particular, Facebook pulled the plug on our main 60k followers cartoon page. ...participating on Facebook waned greatly."

A comment connected to my thread yesterday:

Russia is not mobilising 300,000 reservists to pursue fresh goals in an expanding campaign.

Russia is mobilising 300,000 reservists to protect and stabilise four new members of The Russian Federation.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation will send peacekeepers too.

If the globalist neofascist elite want to oppose this outcome, they will have to fight a hot war against Russia and perhaps China (and others).

The Ascendent East!

Google was created by the NSA. It has immediate control over search because no one else can afford the early 'cloud' arrays needed to serve up fast search results to millions. Yahoo throws in the towel and uses Google for general search, creating the monopoly GOOG has to this day. It buys off bloggers with Adsense click revenue. That censors most blogs. It buys Youtube with money from nothing. That censors all video. It provides 'free' site analytics. That creates a web panopticon. Meanwhile Adsense is the only ad network that shit tier sites can get on, so it controls revenue to 90% of 'independent' domains.

Then they pay off Firefox to include GOOG spyware in the browser, undermining its mission and eventually destroying it. Chrome, their own corrupt browser, of course is standing by.

Then there's the filthy Jew microphone most of you carry around that not only rapes your life, it listens to everyone in range without their content.

Death to Google.
Internet search is entirely rigged to return nothing but regime talking points now. Including all alt-search engines which drift off the big two.

Gave a TYFYC to a fellow traveler on the airport terminal shuttle at Denver International today

Felt good, man!


> So why do they ignore the murder of [republican]?

Because they think that republicans deserve to be murdered and want more to die.

Pretty much every time I try to Follow The Science(tm)...

... I end up having to "follow the money"

It almost always is All About The Money - especially when they inveigh that "it's NOT about the money"

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