WATCH THIS: Joe Rogan annihilates @drsanjaygupta over vaccinating children. Sanjay seems utterly lost here; almost as if he's never been challenged on this outside of the imploding television medium of 30 sec scripted sound bites and groupthink circle jerks.

@Djeep of course he hasn't been challenged! this was great to see. Rogan is throwing a giant wrench in the machine and it is glorious.

@jeremyspokeinclass @Djeep he does this in a very smart, calm way. When Goop deflects he come right back.

@Sideways @Djeep absolutely - Rogan has become one of the best interviewers out there. He lets his guest finish and then comes back. I love that he kept saying "do you understand"

@jeremyspokeinclass @Djeep agree completely, the Goop is no dope, very impressed with Joe’s tone and persistence. Goop was doing everything he could not to give a sound bite.

@jeremyspokeinclass @Djeep

And did you notice how towards the end....Gupta gets a lile exasperated and says, "so, you want me to get boosted?"



Listening to the Alex B episode right now (it’s great) and will queue this one up next


I started AB episode today too. It is good, very data heavy so far. I'm about half way thru @Djeep

@Tinyhouse4life @WuTangHam @Djeep Thanks for recommending Alex Berenson episode. I just finished listening to it. It's great! Now I want to see Alex Berenson and Sanjay Gupta debate!

@mikan_musume @WuTangHam @Djeep

Now that we know gupta ASKED to be on Rogan, I am convinced that Joe did a little strategic scheduling

@Tinyhouse4life @mikan_musume @Djeep

I noticed early in the interview when they were talking marijuana and before they got to Covid, Rogan teed up how dangerous the media can be by pushing a narrative and misleading, which Gupta agreed to. It sounded very deliberate from Joe

Thanks for the share. Looking for the rest of that show now.

@Djeep I'll go on record saying that Sanjays story about the 75 year old AC repairman whose daughter died of Covid is Bullllllll shit.

@jeremyspokeinclass @Djeep lol. I kept yelling bullshit as I he was telling it.

@Djeep What a world we live in that a podcasting comedian has to point out these obvious facts to a clown medical expert.


When I saw gupta was on I was hesitant to even try to listen. I might give it a chance after this clip

Are you saying I should get boosted? In what universe was that even remotely said?

@mrman @Djeep does sanjay actually practice medicine - like in a clinic- or is he just a TV doc?


You know Sanjay has to be super irritated having to sit there and get clowned by Joe Rogan because Sanjay has to push a narrative he has to know is bullshit. It reminds me of when he had to sit there with Anderson Cooper and listen to Bill Gates lecture about public health. What a sellout.

Sanjay, quit embarrassing yourself.

@Djeep the façade falls apart in long form conversation. These newsreaders are weak AF.

@Djeep never been challenged or questioned about his beliefs. Like religious trance. Every time Rogan challenged him, he kept repeating, "but I have immunity." It was the best part.

@Djeep its apparent they want to vaccinate children for a couple of reasons

1) they want to expand the trial to all age groups
2) they want to eliminate the unvaccinated from the equation to hide the fact the vaccine isn't working too well, which will be apparent in time as efficacy wanes

jose gupta tried to weasel out of this by starting to say "let's try to not define this in terms of life and death"..
you mean the way the media did that since march of 2020? Why is it suddenly not a good idea to do that when it's not convenient for you, gupta?

@Djeep what everyone is failing to mention is right at the beginning of the interview Joe says "why did you reach out" as if he didn't know. Joe knew he would come on and push the Vaxx. That's why he had Berenson on the show prior to lay out the facts with White propaganda for Joe's audience then when Sanjay comes strolling in... He's hit with the truth and since Joe saw this coming he was ready for the black propaganda and Joe had already prepped his audience so it was glorious!! 💉💉💉💉💉

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