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How This Fusion Reactor Will Make Electricity by 2024

Hrmmm very interesting

Computer Predicts the End of the World | But here's what they DON'T tell you

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You really don’t understand how bad it could get in Europe this year
An energy crisis the likes of which hasn’t been seen in decades is unfolding around the world.

Nowhere is this crisis more pronounced and more dangerous than in Europe, where a long-standing gambit on cheap Russian gas has backfired.

these ppl are starting to bug the shit out of me....they know damn well what he meant....lets just stir shit up like they do...woo hooo fucking ass holes wow I feel better LOL

Time Travel Possible? Evidence Says Yes | 9 Time Travelers caught on film

A federal appeals court has ruled that a Wisconsin prison must exempt a Muslim inmate from strip searches by a transgender male guard whom the prisoner said violated his faith.

SNL Gets WOKE Goes BROKE, Loses EIGHT Cast And Could Be Ending, Leftists PANIC As We Win Culture War

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If you haven't seen's "free" now ;)

Andrew Schulz - INFAMOUS (2022) FULL SPECIAL

A study found that two hours of silence per day prompts cell development in the hippocampus region of the brain, where memories are formed.

San Francisco real estate mogul mugged at gunpoint outside $15M home

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