Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

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LIVE: NYC Workers Anti-Mandate - March For Choice, LIVE from NYC 10/25/21


Twitter suspends Rep. Banks' account for misgendering trans health official


BlueAnon is accusing @RepMTG/@mtgreenee of being the individual who planted pipe bombs at the RNC & DNC on January 5th.

Their "evidence" is that MTG carries her purse with the same arm as the suspect carried the bombs.

Steve Jobs had a high school GPA of 2.65.

Reports of military coup in with arrests are being made of a number of ministers in the government of Prime Minister Hamdok

GOP Rep Asks AG Whether Any People Who 'Broke Glass' During Jan. 6 Insurrection Were Working For FBI


The goal isn’t to be perfect or come off like i have it all figured out. I’m learning everyday and just trying to be better than I was yesterday…

Pope urges countries to stop returning migrants to "concentration camps" in Libya


The best feeling in the world is realizing that you're perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed.

In the wake of in , upwards of 10,000 trees weakened by fires, drought, disease or age must be removed, work that will keep a nearby highway closed to visitors who seek the world’s 2 largest sequoia trees.


"There are no committees that are meeting and talking about the greatest transformation in a negative way of the greatest economic system ever known to man literally behind closed doors… A one-way ticket to socialism,” said Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.


Monica Gandhi is an infectious diseases and HIV doctor at the
. Her stance against restrictions that harm more than help vulnerable people has brought her into the social media spotlight.


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